Monday, 30 June 2014

Is it raining where you live? And whats in your handbag?

Well it is

And I will admit
that I am some what over it.
 The weather is not something that usually
bothers me
but today felt glum.

I am longing for

But to brighten up the gloom
of a grey wet day
look what arrived in the post
this morning!!

My very first pair of
Dr Marten's.

It has only taken me
52 years!!

I spent the morning out doing things like getting petrol in my car, good idea really as it is going up again in price over night, not that I knew that this morning.  I went to a couple of op shops but found nothing that tickled my fancy and ended up in Spotlight looking for a pattern to make a Winter coat.  I had forgotten how bloody expensive patterns were.  After going through every single pattern book I only found one that was remotely what I was looking for.  Guess I will still be tweaking it to how I want it to look.  At least I have something to start with.

I don't want double breasted, as it doesn't really work on breasts my size! And the collar is going to be reduced or removed, still to be decided, and it may be made even longer yet.  Plan is to use some of the old blankets I have been collecting.  

How cute is my Russian Doll sewing kit?  

To cute to not buy, that is how cute, and it is happily living in my handbag.  OMG I have a lot of crap in my handbag, useful crap, but a lot all the same.  Mainly 'just in case' crap, you know like a hanky, a pen......and now a cute as hell sewing kit!  Maybe I should tip my bag upside down on the floor and show you all.

Essentials only of course.

Your turn,
whats in your handbag??

So going backwards now, last night when I went to bed I found that the dogs had already made themselves quite comfortable, thanks very much and left me my side of the bed only.  I love my dogs but I would rather have TOF back on the other side of the bed.  I am so over him being away and he is so over being away.  Guess we both have to just suck it up and hang in there for another couple of weeks.  Oh and I told him about the trailer.  I asked if he was excited about it like me and he said, beyond excited!!!  

Good piss taker is TOF!!

Sticking with the reverse order of things, yesterday Jak installed the steps I got from the dump for $10 to the side of the deck.  So handy having a builder in training living on site.  Sheba was very cautious about going down them, so funny to watch. Now what else can I get the lad to do for me???  

Got to be some spin off from giving him life!!

 Today's inspiration.

I'm out.
Good night!


Beth Waltz said...

Have carried a sewing kit since I got my first - pink leather! - purse. Now I make certain there's a pre-threaded needle in it "just in case" I'm in a low-light, gloves wearing mess when it's needed!

Query: Have you ever attempted to make a pattern from a "de-constructed" garment?

Goody said...

The collar on that pattern is interesting, but I can see why you might want something a bit smaller.
My handbag is a pharmacy- (allergic kid)bottle of antihistamine, asthma inhaler, eppi-pen injector, etc. I have a small sewing kit I made from a folded piece of felt with just a few safety pins, thread, and needles-kind of a necessity when you wear vintage clothes that can give way unexpectedly.

I've recently added a mini-pen light because thrift stores tend to be so dark, I can give things a better looking over-and a small tapemeasure for those times I'm unsure about whether something will fit. Other than that? Keys, phone, wallet.

No wonder my shoulders hurt!

Angels have Red Hair said...

No rain here ... but plenty of wind ... gale force ones.
I can't wait till my boys know how to do something ... and I can put them to work!!! It's the least they can do after we went to the effort if giving birth to them and all ;0)

Poppy Q said...

A bit of rain here but Saturday was super sunny and hot!!! Wellington has been having an easy winter, but I am sure the worst is yet to come.

Love the new boots!!! The dogs look cute all snuggled up on the bed.

Connie said...

You are going to,look so cute in those Docs. They are the perfect style for you. Yeah patterns ARE expensive. What is up with that? And around here the fabric choices are of the granny quilt variety. Blah! But! I am on the hunt for Vogel's. Yum!

Autumn said...

I live in Southern California. It doesn't rain here.
Love your boots! I've been wanting some too!

Leeanne said...

Ok I LOVE your boots, why did you wait so many years to get them? I am still waiting for mine to come. I too have a hanky, lipgloss, dockets, a wallet & stuff in my hand bag!
Sounds like a fun jacket you are going to make, nothing like the pattern!Lol!!
oh yeah, it's raining here too.

Leeanne said...

P.s, I just figured out why you are feeling so glum, it's not the rain, it was all the blue you were wearing last week!