Thursday, 24 July 2014

Here we go again!

So this morning (as in 5:30am) TOF left Hamilton to go back up North to work, but first he has to spend two days on a man course in Auckland, then he is back to that job that is keeping him away from HOME!  But if all goes well this is the last leg of the job so possibly only two weeks.  Should fly by, shouldn't it?

Anyway when I finally dragged myself out of my lovely warm bed I threw on this lot, sort of went animal.  Even my boots have fur inside them, yes my feet were toastie as.

Do you know how hard it is
to take a photo of
the boots you have on
from behind?

After work I hit the op shops that are near my place of employment, so that would be Frankton and there are four of them.  Not a lot jumped out and grabbed my attention except this roll of contact, well that is what I call it.  Like vinyl, sticky on the back.  Anyway a total bargain at $1 and there is shit loads of it.  Have a few old baskets that could do with a bit of pimping on the inside so this should be perfect.  Oh look it has SPOTS!!!

 My sister is over from the beach for a few days, staying at our mothers place.  But we went out for a bit this afternoon.  Of course we checked out the op shop near me and these paintings have appeared over the last week on the walls in the car park.  Finally remembered to take photos, I rather like them all.

We went into Spotlight, huge home and living/haberdashery type of place which is also across the road from where I live.  I have had my eye on this fabric FOREVER and it never goes on sale.  So today with some prompting from my sister I bought some and even sewed it up tonight.  Might even wear it tomorrow!!

A long singlet style dress.
Perfect for a layerer like myself!!
The colours are

Do you remember the black and white paintings I took photos of, of famous dead people? Well the artist has been at work again and now Frida has been painted.  This is huge, on the side wall of a hairdressers.  I drive past it every day on my way to work, so on our way into town I stopped to snap it.  Then I showed my sister the black and white ones.  So much fun having her in town, we are planning on a day out amongst the op shops on Friday.  Woo hoo!!!!


Beth Waltz said...

I would like to see a photo of you taking the photo of the back of the boot!

What wonderful street artists you have in that part of the planet! Here in the States we have gang graffiti for which property owners and tax payers must pay to remove. Nasty stuff, like dogs at a post.

Vix said...

That newly made dress is a triumph! Can't wait to see you rock it.
Loving the graffiti and Frida looks marvellous.
That fortnight will fly by - honest! x

pastcaring said...

Oh that striped dress is fabulous, get it worn so we can see!
Sticky-back plastic, we call that contact stuff - haven't seen any in years!
Love the street art, especially Frida. xxx

darkelady said...

I just love the colors in that dress especially paired with the purple cardigan. And Frida! I got a big scarf/sarong at a yard sale with one of her self portraits on it for one US dollar.

Goody said...

We call it contact paper here. I once papered a small room with the stuff.

If I tried photographing the back of my shoe I'd be on the ground screaming of a dislocated hip.

The stripy fabric dress looks cool-can't wait to see how you wear it. Kinda has a Missoni vibe, but with better colours.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Those last two weeks will fly by ... try to enjoy them ... before long he'll be back ... getting under your feet ... annoying you ... oops maybe that's just me ;0)

Julie said...

Loving your animal print outfit Sue - you sure will need your fur lined boots, its been freezing over here this week. That wall art is just amazing, my son got me interested in wall art.
Your new stripey dress is great - those colours are gorgeous & will go with so many things.

Helga said...

My goodness, you'll give yourself a hernia taking pictures of the back of your boots, lovey!
O, how heavenly having your sis in town! You'll have a grand day out at the oppies. They'd better gird their loins!

peaches mcginty said...

How did you take the pic of your boots? you must be gifted and very bendy! I love the street art 'art isn't a crime' damn straight! and the Frida is just stunning, I love it! yep, you and me should be in fancy art galleries - I love the sisters quote, I'm always telling my girls they will always have best friends, cos they have each other x x x

Shawna McComber said...

Oh I am imagining you doing all sorts of impressive back bends to take that boot photo! Or perhaps you secretly have expandable arms.

Layers! Yes!!!
I am gearing up mentally to make clothes. Simple dresses in jersey. For layering. Gearing up means thinking about it a lot.