Friday, 25 July 2014

Op shopping with the sister!

Friday was booked as the day to take my sister around the op shops of HamilTron and we managed to get around pretty much all of them.  We even went back to a shopping mall for her to buy some shoes she saw yesterday so a spot of lunch happened in a lovely little cafe.

I only came home with three things.

The quilt which is more than fabulous was made by the lady that manages the Hospice in town, so I coughed up the $40 for it. One, because I think it is beautiful and two, because I know it would be worth a hell of a lot more!!  The super duper bright bag was $2.50 from the Dump Shop and there was a little dish exactly like one that was in our house when we were growing up that was $1 so I grabbed it.

Did you know Brum is in the window of the Salvo shop in our main street??

I wore my patchwork summer frock with a long sleeve t shirt and leggings under it and a lovely jubbly warm shawl on top!! With my purple Moroccan shoes.

It was a perfect day for swinging
on my garden chair.

 Tex and I had a snooze in the sunshine
on the deck
because WE CAN!!

Yeah we all pretty much just
chilled outside
for the afternoon.

My little boys bonding.

And the chillaxing continued.

So my sister has gone home, and it was really lovely to hang out with her for the last three days.  She stayed the nights at our mothers place and then we played during the day time.  I never get tired of her company!

How do you explain to a wee dog
that Aunty H has gone home
and Dad isn't coming home this weekend.

Have a fabulous weekend.
I intend to!!


pastcaring said...

Oh yes, that quilt is beautiful, as is your patchwork frock. How lovely to spend time with your sister, and the pets, in the sunshine! Have a great weekend, Sue. xxx

Poppy Q said...

Sounds like a great start to the weekend and sure beats my day of working.

Love the message on the cushion.

Julie and Poppy Q

Beth Waltz said...

The quilt is A-R-T, and you're a wise lass to snap it up!

The layered look is very well executed without looking overwrought -- those purple shoes are much to be preferred to the usual black.

Did your sister take the pix of you snoozing with ol' Tex? I'll bet you were both 'purring.' Ah, fresh outdoor air, warming sunshine and a nap on the deck!

Serenata said...

What a wonderful quilt and an amazing price for it as well!

Sounds like you had a lovely time chillaxing and also fun time with your sister.

Julie said...

Wow Sue ,,, think you got a real bargain there with that quilt. I just love it - I would've happily paid that for it!! So glad you had a wonderful time with your sister, I did think about you both opping yesterday. Another sunny day today - ya :-) By the way ... your patchwork dress is stunning !!!!

Goody said...

Fantastic quilt, at a great price.

Oh poor Oscar! He looks so forlorn it is making me want to cry. Give him a dog biscuit for me, OK?

That cushion. I may need to embroider one of my own.

Leeanne said...

Holy smoke! You DID get a bargain for that beautiful quilt! The fabric just for the top of the quilt is worth WAY more then that!
There is something soothing about OPShopping. LOve your patchwork dress too, did you make it?

Angels have Red Hair said...

$40 for that quilt is an absolute bargain. The fabric alone would have cost more … and that's before we even start considering the HOURS AND HOURS of work that would have gone into it. Lucky girl!

peaches mcginty said...

Oh that quilt is beautiful! what a good catch! Brum's getting around isn't he? how cool! it was a truly mind boggling programme, the kids loved it of course - I adore your outfit, what a fab dress and shawl!perfect for a marathon chillax session, being fabulous at all times is a must! have a blooming wonderful weekend too! x x x

Shawna McComber said...

OH good find, that quilt! It's gorgeous and definitely worth snapping up! I love your patchwork dress! I love patchwork anything but I think dresses are way up at the top of the list.

Glad you had a lovely time with your sister. Is she invisible or just camera phobic?

Love the adorable animals too! I need a nap in the sunshine. What a great idea!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

It was a patchwork kind of day wasn't it :D Cool quilt :D