Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Today was....

A mixed bag kind of day on the weather side of things.
A productive day at work.
a Red, Black and White kinda day for me.

A little bit of prancing
in the back yard
in the new

the funniest things
are going on right behind you!!

Tonight I went out for dinner with a couple of lovely old friends.

We met through our kids when they were small and we still catch up every now and again.  Usually there is five of us but one lives out of town (yes you Denise) and one had an appointment (Mother Morton, you were both missed), so us three enjoyed a lovely meal, a couple of drinks, and a dam good catch up.  Actually us three all have husbands working away at the moment, so it was an excellent time to get together.  To busy chatting to take photos!!

But we are a long way off
eating soft foods
and knitting!!



Beth Waltz said...

The black shawl works perfectly with the diagonal slash of the dress design! Well combined!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Okay, I think I know what Sheba is doing ... but what in the world is Oscar doing???

Helga said...

Wah!!!! I love how Oscar is supervising!!!! SO funny!
Hello darling, you are looking splendid!!! New boots?! Yay! I have new shoes!!!

Leeanne said...

Love that outfit best!
Nice to have a get together with your pals, especially when you must be missing your hubby.

pastcaring said...

Red, black and white are a killer combination, you look fab. And I just love getting together with my mates, we always chat and laugh like crazy! xxx

Goody said...

(I AM living on soft foods, but I do tatting, not knitting).

Oh those silly pups! At least they match your outfit if they're going to photobomb you.

I'll be sad to see your winter go because I'm so enjoying seeing your collection of amazing boots.

Shawna McComber said...

OH this outfit inspires words like snazzy and jaunty. I LOVE it! I also happen to love soft foods...mac and cheese, ice cream, pudding...yup those are big favourites. I'm going to be a happy old lady!