Sunday, 14 September 2014

I have been Coast to Coast

Having been to the East coast on Friday, today me and TOF drove out to the West coast.  Our plan was to go to Raglan to visit some friends that live out there, which we did, but first we headed further along the coast to Ruapuke.  I haven't been there since I was about 19 and that was with some old surfing boyfriend, so a surfing trip not a sight seeing photo taking trip.

The drive along the coast is amazing, and also somewhat scary in parts as you are quite high up above the ocean.  The road quickly turns into a narrow gravel one that winds up and down through bush but close to the coast so you get fabulous views.

Our destination wasn't actually at Ruapuke beach but before it at a viewing platform that is suspended out over the cliff side.  OMFG!!!!  I just could not get close to the edge like TOF, but I did take photos of the view a wee way back where I felt safer.  In the end I did get down and crawl closer to the edge with TOF rolling his eyes and calling me a pussy.  You betcha, I am a PUSSY that doesn't like heights.  Meooooooow!!!!

 The platform is perched up there!
And it was blowing like a bugger today.
Judging by the trees
I would say it blows like that every day as
they all have a serious lean going on!!

 Gorgeous scenery!
The rugged wild West Coast never disappoints.

Native bush and glimpses of ocean everywhere.

My friend Diane that lives out at Raglan (hello Diane) had told us about a boat that we had to look out for, and I found it!  I also found a Goat.  A Boat and a Goat?  Oh yeah a Boat and a Goat but no Moat, Stoat, or Float!  Sorry, we were having a rhyming thing going on  while we were driving, call us odd but we were amused with our game.  Small minds and all that! It's what you do when you get old and you have no radio reception.

We stopped off at Manu bay before heading back into Raglan.  The surfers have to jump in off the rocks to go out for a surf.  Are they mad?  Today it was like a giant washing machine stuck on agitate.  I was tired just watching.

It was blowing there too and the seagulls were having a ball flying around high above us.  The houses on the hills must have the best views ever, and ones that are constantly changing.  I guess it would be like having Live Art, that would be way cool.

The dudes that were out in the waves
were having plenty of fun.

Of course we had our bog standard walk on the wharf before we went visiting.  The Marlin Grill has an amazing view straight across to the harbor.  Nice place to sit and have a cold beer and some fries.  But not today.

The colour of the ocean is lovely.
The wharf is a must for us,
so peaceful even tho' there are always
people fishing or sitting watching the world slowly pass by.

My favourite place in Raglan is Cliff Street as it runs along the edge of the harbor heading down to the wharf.  The cutest old beach houses are down this road and I could so live there, but I hear it is pricey.  We grabbed a very late lunch and a hot drink and sat in the sun in the car on the waters edge.  Zillions of birds hung around waiting for a crumb, which they finally got.

This bird was having a fine old time in a puddle,
drinking then bathing.

Before we knew it, it was time we headed home.  The scenery was looking fabulous today, with the contrast of dark sky and lovely green paddocks. 

Now to confuse the bejezus out of you all
I am going to go backwards
and talk about Saturday
because I can
and I will.
Hey, it's my show after all!!

Remember my planter box?  Well TOF and I went to a garden centre in the morning as he needed compost and I needed dirt and plants.  Our needs were more than met, just look at my wheelbarrow!!

The side facing toward the house has flowers, as in bottom tier has Livingston Daisies, next one up has Sweet Williams, and the next one up has Lobelia.  It sure is going to be pretty when it all flowers.  On the top and the other side it is all edible.  Bottom is Lettuce and Spring onions with a Marigold either end, next up is more Lettuce with some Italian Parsley.  Next level up is Micro greens Asian Salad, I grew this last year in a pot and it is divine, oh and a herb is at the end just cannot think what one right now.  On the very top there is Celery and Spring Onions.  In the box garden by the fence where we used to grow our Strawberries TOF dug in some compost and I planted rows of Beetroot.  Thanks to that darling Mother Nature I didn't even have to water it all as it started to rain as I was planting the last things.  Thanks Love!!

In the afternoon I went off to visit some friends, the owners of the very gorgeous Ralphie.  Seriously need to take Sheba around for a play date.  It will be love at first bite sight!

My friends two week old niece Scarlett was visiting so it was a bit of an oooh ahhh time for me.  You forget how small babies are and how darn cute they are.  This little sweetie is just gorgeous.

So that was my weekend,
hope yours is or has been, fabulous!!

And remember...

And you thought it was bad luck!


Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your POV with us, and a splendidly wide ranging POV it is indeed! From peering into the abyss of the sea (I'd be flat on the platform boards beside you) to peeking into a bird's bathtub to nodding approvingly at your future salad bowl -- you've taken us on a glorious tour!

Goody said...

I hadn't noticed the tiered planter is two sided-that's great (the one's I've seen go flush to a wall). I've never grown celery thinking I lack the room-can't wait to see how it works in the planter.

What a view from that cliff! Sounds like you've had a perfect weekend.

duchess_declutter said...

Great coastal visit. It's a while since I've visited the wild west, but I love it lots. I used to work at Mt Cook many moons ago and have been back to visit NZ about 4 times since then. Beautiful part of the world.

Julie said...

Great post Sue - great day out. I do love a good ol' trip to Raglan. Your planter box looks fantastic, you will have to remember to take photos to show us its progress. That lobelia is going to tumble down & be gorgeous :-)
Oh ... & I did think a black cat crossing my path was bad luck too .. now I wont have to fret anymore !!!!

Leeanne said...

BUSY weekend, but not busy! The coast looks great, I can see why you like to visit so much. Your planter/apartment block is going to be a winner!

Vix said...

What a gorgeous coastal trip, smashing photos. x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm with you on the heights thing … can't bear them!
Looks like you had another great weekend :0)

Fiona said...

Thanks for the tour of coastal NZ, stunning scenery.

Curtise said...

What fantastic photos, you really do live in a glorious part of the world.
The planter looks fab all filled up, and ahhhh, babies! You're so right, it's hard to remember when the kids were that small... xxx

Shawna McComber said...

Sue your photos are so amazing always, and you are the only person I know who makes a bag of gardening soil look like art, but I suspect even my pathetic photography couldn't make your part of the world look bad. How stunning it is and how lucky you are!

Ahh babies. I hope you sniffed her head too. Babies have lovely warm and baby-smelling heads.

peaches mcginty said...

No way would I have wandered to the edge of the cliff balcony either! I would have been on my hands and knees, nope, heights nope! the view is gorgeous though! well done TOF! a beautiful day out there and your planter box is awesome, I'll admire your gardening brilliance all the time! and what a beautiful baby! oh she is just adorable, I miss baby toes so much x x x

Raewyn said...

Wow, one coast to the other alright, isn't NZ cool like that?!You'll be feeling well refreshed and fortified for the working week.

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