Sunday, 21 September 2014

I'm still here.......

.....somehow the week passed me by and today it is Sunday!

But on Tuesday....

....after work I poked my nose in a few op shops,
found some books.  
Roald Dahl is awesome,
and the M.I.L.K books are so nice.

More fabulous finds for the warmer seasons that are trying to arrive.

Then on Wednesday I woke up with
a nasty arse headache so rung work and went back to my bed.
 It had buggered off by the middle of the day

 ...I went and picked up my Wind Wops!
A friend of mine asked
"wop do they do?" 
to which I replied
"they wop about in the wind"

Thursday was just Work and then home, a quiet afternoon with Jak watching things we had recorded on the TV.  Highlight of the day was grocery shopping! No not really I do jest!!  The highlight was the scrumdiddleumpshish wraps we made for our dinner!!

Friday arrived and I went to work
to make up for having Wednesday off.
On my way home I...

..had to post some mail
and the post box was super handy to one of 
the Salvo stores.
Look what I found!!!

 After lunch I drove out to Dawns
and got to meet this very friendly sheep.

And my girls were ready to bring home!

Holy crap cakes Batman
next thing it was

Election day in NZ and for the first time our entire little family of four could vote, both lads old enough and both did their thing and voted.  The weather basically was shite for the day and so was tv that night!


An entire day spent doing things with water.
Water blasting concrete
and washing cars
in the RAIN!!

 Little Wax Eyes were enjoying the berries
in between the showers of rain.

 The clay girls got staked and put in the garden out the front.

 Rain makes everything looks so clean.

 Droplets never got a chance to dry.

 Fairies are out in the back garden.

 Thanks to Mother Nature watering the Salad Garden
it is totally thriving!

 More Tulips
but pretty as Pink this time.
Waterlogged Freesias,
bending under the weight of all the rain.

My afternoon nap was interrupted
by a wet nose.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.

My beautiful Hamilton City in all her glory!


Leeanne said...

hi ya Sue!!! Nice see things bursting with life in your garden. LOVE your angel family, cuties in your garden.

Julie said...

Oh Sue I ADORE your new angels. And that is a lovely photo of Hamilton looking very beautiful. Happy week to you :-)

Curtise said...

Oh I do love that cuddly photo of you and Sheba! And that electric blue dress is going to look amazing on you.
Good to know your headache didn't last long, and that the rest of the week was full of fun. The garden is looking wonderful, with a mix of sun and showers everything will be growing like mad. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Now then, Sue, which pair from your world-renown collection of foot fashion will be selected to grace the Absolutely Fabulous blue dress?! It really does seem to be cut from a piece of the beautiful Hamilton City skyline!

The ceramic ladies are charming! And the salad garden is bursting from the planter...I'd be nibbling 'round the edges like a rabbit.

Goody said...

Your little ceramic family turned out so nicely, and look perfect in your garden.

That blue dress is definitely a score-such a great colour.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I have washed my car in the rain before-it gets strange looks but, whatever.

Fiona said...

Love those birdy shots, your garden is looking great. What a gorgeous photo of you and the dog, I got a paw in the mush to wake me up this morning.

Helga said...

Hahhaaaa, our fur babies do love to get our attention in the most elegant ways!
Yeah, last week went really fast, I had one like that, and next thing I knew it was Monday morning! Dammit!
Lovely ladies!
You'll be proud to know that I planted some flat leaf parsley yesterday! All by myself, with gardening gloves! I felt most professional.

peaches mcginty said...

Roald Dahl is blooming brilliant! and I love all your goodies too! gorgeous clothes, I'll wait as patiently as possible to see to you mod-ell them! glad your headache sodded off, these weeks are flying by aren't they? the kids keep saying awful things like 'Christmas' haha! noooo! it's too early! your girls are gorgeous and the sweetest Sheba x x x