Saturday, 6 June 2015

A little bit country on a Friday afternoon.

On Friday somehow I managed to go back to sleep when everyone else in the house had left for work.  In fact I didn't wake up until 9:30am!!  I guess I needed a catch up on my Zzzzz's.  Anyway after a quick breakfast and some speed hanging out of some washing on the clothes line in the SUNSHINE, yes there was sunshine, I headed on out to do things.  Grown up things like registration of vehicle, worm tablets for pets and such stuff!!

I wore pants!! As in trousers not undies, I always wear undies! The floral pant have a triple ruffle at the hem and were perfect for the mild winter day.

After ticking off the jobs on my list I took in a tour of the oppies.  The black dress on the left looks great with my floral pants.  Oscar has a new food bowl and I sighted SPOTS on a rack from a far.  Like a Magpie seeing something shiny on the ground I was drawn to check it out.  Total success, a divine David Pond jacket that was destined to come home with me.

I remember my grandparents having these fold up metal dinner trays and at $4 each they were quickly purchased.  TOF used his that night to have his dinner in front of the TV.  Why we own a dining table is beyond me.

The closest thing to a twinset for me and freshly hung on the rack in Hospice as I was cruising the racks. $2.50 a piece thank you very much.

The other Sue
had been under the weather during the week so I treated her to a visit because I am that sort of friend.  I love going to Webberville, what  I fondly call her little patch of country living.

Max the Foxy loves hanging out with the Sues outside as we take in the sights, sounds and country air.  Good news, Sue is on the mend so a SuesDay should be on the to do list soon.

This is the view at her driveway entrance
looking back over the farmland.

Rolling hills dotted with grazing sheep.

What are you looking at??
You nosy COW!

Lush green pastures,
so different to how things were in Summer. 

How I love the contrast of colours in this photo.

After my pleasant drive in the countryside I headed back home to get in my washing before the day started to chill off.

Back in our  yard our lawn is slowly being covered by the falling leaves, the greeness is getting a blanket of browns and yellows to keep it warm for Winter.  Well until we get the rake out that is.

I managed to find three eggs from the girls to add to the collection inside, bless their fluffy little bums!!

Before I forget, thanks to all you lovelies for your comments, I think us blogging ladies are pretty much all on the same page about life!!

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freckleface said...

The Dalai Lama, what a man. You and your friends live in a gorgeous part of the world, that's for sure. I'm country all the way. Oh, apart from th fact that I live in a big city!! Xxx

Mel Baker said...

Glad to hear Mrs. Webber is feeling better. You two are due for an outing, that's for sure.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I'm losing me voice now lol! Noice, Joe's happy! haha. It's a lovely spot eh, I like it :D x Next Suesday will have to be after Joe gets paid again, there's too much month left at the end of the money this month :D

Leeanne said...

Groovie twin set!! The violet rinse is next! Glad Sue is getting better, she has a nice wee spot of paradise there.

Poppy Q said...

Great op shop scores sue. Looks like a lovely day out.


Angels have Red Hair said...

Wow … you managed to pack in a full day despite your sleep in.
I love a sneaky sleep in when everyone else has left the house and are none the wiser ;0)

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