Monday, 1 June 2015

From one coast to the other because we can!!!

One of the things I love about living in Hamilton is the closeness to everything.  I am pretty sure I have sung the praises of this geographical position before, but I am going to bang on about it again!! So are you ready for a road trip??

On Friday morning I wave envied my hair, layered the clothes, packed my car, and headed to Whangamata on the East Coast.

  Oh yeah, it was a long weekend!!

Such a beautiful day was on offer, but I had to stop to capture the lingering mist at the base of Mt Te Aroha.

My car was full of stock for my sisters shop and more pottery to be displayed.  We sorted this all in good time, ready for the weekend trade.

I was penciled in for two nights at my sisters house where it was warm, and invitingly relaxing.  Clutch sure knows how to chill out on a bean bag!

Dear Febe made the very most of the fire and the sheepskin covered chairs.  My sister and I had a lovely afternoon and evening, but then again, we always do!

We slept in on Saturday morning until 8am which was absolute bliss for me.  Helen was working so I dropped her off at the shop and then went and called in on my favourite places.  I also caught up with my good friend Leonie and her family that were up from Wellington for the weekend.  TOF arrived mid evening to stay the night after a days fishing up the Coromandel, but alas no keepers were caught.  He left the following morning and I went ticky touring around Whangamata.

The Marina was full of boats of all sizes and dreams come true.

Even tho' the tide was low, the back end of the harbour looked peaceful. This is the southern end of Whangamata.

I always go stand on the wharf
a place full of memories of good times spent
fishing with my family and friends.

The sea is always so green
and the view out to Clark Island
is a favourite of mine.

Years ago when having hypnotherapy for anxiety I was asked to visualise a place to go to and this is it. Many times I closed my eyes and thought of my happy place while breathing deep soothing breathes.

Whangamata has long golden sanded shores to be enjoyed in any season.  This time of the year is perfect to go let the fresh sea air blow the cobwebs in your brain away.

From Clark Island to the Estuary mouth
is another stretch of golden sand.

Beautiful glimpses in between trees.

Can you see the rope and drift wood swing in the tree?
I imagine many a person has enjoyed that.

The Estuary is at the southern end of Whangamata, and another gorgeous spot to spend time at more so when the tide is full.

The view of the hills to travel over back to my home.

I can still drive another 491 kilometers!!

I loved every minute of the time I had away at the beach, catching up with my sister and friends.  It is only an hour and a half away from my home so why wouldn't I go spend some time there.

The pets were excited to have me home but I was ditched for the warmth of the heater last night!!

Today the Spare rung and asked if we were going out to Raglan as he was keen to hitch a ride with us and  go for a surf.  So we did.  Raglan is the West Coast so we have been coast to coast in a couple of days.  We left him at the main surf beach and went for a drive.

TOF was happy on the inside!!!

My handbag camera has that Panoramic function so it has been getting a work out of late. But what a view at the top of the hill above the beach. After our drive we arrived back in time to meet the spare in the car park.

Trees grow on a lean,
dudes were out surfing
and life on the west coast
was cruising along at it's own pace.

Low tide at Whale bay exposes the rocks on the coastline.

I didn't get any photos of the Spare surfing as the main beach isn't that good for me, not close enough, but here at Whale Bay it would be easier to get pics.

Monarch butterfly's,
caterpillars and colourful flowers
were still thriving on the shore line.

The lovely spare suggested he buy us lunch back in Raglan
so off we went.

To the wharf for Fish and Chips.

Looking right on the wharf to some budding young fishermen.

Looking left and around the corner to waterside beach homes and the harbour.  Our lunch was divine and before long it was time to head home.

TOF paid for the diesel,
the Spare paid for our lunch
and I paid for the coffee,
a great team effort for sure.

Our kids aren't kids anymore
but I am grateful
that they both still want to
hang with us.
I guess we got something right!!



Leeanne said...

Lovely post you coast to coast girl!

Fiona said...

Hey, when did you go darker ? Your hair looks great. Spectacular scenery, Dad is talking about going back to NZ he loved it so much.

peaches mcginty said...

NZ is just beautiful, I think it's Dave's spiritual home (if there is such a thing) he says he aches when he sees it, like he misses it - one day we'll get there - love all the pics, totally laughed with TOF happy on the inside pic!! have a few of them myself! fan club totally happy with wave envy fabulous-ness and gorgeous outfits and gorgeous you - and love the pic of TOF and your boy, handsome boys indeed! x x x

Vix said...

I do love your dark hair.
Great scenery but how far is "close to everything"? Us Brits are notorious for considering anything more than an hour's drive to be a big trip! xxx

SAM said...

I might need to borrow the picture of your calm place to use in my mind-just lovely. I love the wave envy look!

Angels have Red Hair said...

How long does it take to drive from one side to another? We do mad things like drive to Melbourne and back in a weekend regularly :0)

Mel Baker said...

You are lucky indeed that your boys want to spend time with you - you definitely did something right!!

Love the pics, but the animals by the heater is the best.

Melanie said...

Beautiful post. Your comment that TOF is happy on the inside made me laugh. The views with the postcard perfect water are enough to cleanse anyone's mind of STUFF. And I love the photos of your family as well. Yes, clearly you did something right!

Curtise said...

I do love your panoramic shots, and you surely do live in a beautiful spot, in striking distance of other lovely places - lucky you!
Gorgeous pic of you on the beach! xxx

Connie said...

My kids are grown up, too. And the best thing is doing big kid stuff together. Always a fun time with you, Sue. Love your hair.

freckleface said...

I've never been to NZ but your photos are everything I imagine it to be, wild and beautiful. Talking of wild and beautiful, I love your hair all curly like that! Xxxx

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, arent we lucky in this beautiful country of ours, that you CAN drive from coast to coast in one day. Your weekend sounded wonderful. I'm with you on the spending time with sons statement. Its great that they still want to - I really enjoy outings with my boys even though they are grown men now. Love your last verse too :-)

Goody said...

I love your photo tours that you share with us. Of course your children want to spend time with their parents-they love you! Yep, you did it right (We'll see if I can say the same in 10 years).

I haven't seen the ocean in over 14 years-and I miss it. I'll just sit here for a bit and look at your coast(s). Ahhh, that's better!

Helga said...

Darling, your hair looks gorgie wavey!
This whole bloody COUNTRY is dreamy beautiful! That's why I will never move back to Australia. Love it here too much, it just gets in the blood.

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks, Sue, for offering us a ride on that special swing. I might travel there during an anxious moment to hang out and listen to the waves and the wind...

I'm sure TOF was indeed happy on the inside. It's just that the fishes refused to cooperate.