Thursday, 25 June 2015

There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!

It's definitely been a lot colder lately,
but I haven't been cold.
I have COATS!!

Like my PINK one.
Worn yesterday over a few layers of
summer and winter

Glad at least one of the girls
is still popping out
And a mighty sized one at that,

 Today my coat was RED.
You probably notice that I also have
this in BLACK!

Someone had a comfy soft bed on the deck
in the Winter sunshine.

Anything Tex can do
I can do better!

(Tex selfie)
The cat has talent.

Pleading eyes saying
"for god sake just play with me"

I saw this delightfully cute little caravan/coffee shop
parked up today.


PS: Just between you and me
a SuesDay has been booked for tomorrow,
don't tell anyone.


Leeanne said...

My saying has always been 'there is no such thing as bad weather, it's just weather!'.
Cool coat ownership,likey Tex's selfie.....better than mine aye!
Oh yes BIG egg, is your hen OK after that one? Groovie coffee van, I saw one like that on a blog in America but it was a quiltshop!

Beth Waltz said...

Sue, your layers of bright colors are the best response to the cold light of winter I've seen yet! However, one must concede that Tex's luxurious fur toasted with solar heating also works well.

*wow* That is an impressive egg for a flock without Buff Orpingtons. Has any of the girls claimed ownership?

Angels have Red Hair said...

See that's the good thing about winter you can always put on more layers and a beautiful, big, thick coat ... come summer there's only so much you can take off :0)
Have fun on your Suesday.

Mel Baker said...

Love the coats!! That is one big egg - ouch!! Can't wait to hear all about your Suesday!!