Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you anywhere.

Today the weather has turned to shit, pure and simple, it is a crappy as day here.  I left work when the rained eased long enough for me to get to my car without getting soaked so I am now at home under a blanket in the lounge with my 'Lappers'.

These two have battled for a spot on my lap since we first got them, and they still continue to battle for the perfect spot.  Sharing is not what either of them signed up for but they suffer along because  half a lap is better than none apparently.  My legs are going to sleep from the weight of them.

Thankfully Sheba is happy enough to stay on the floor.

Anyway, the last couple of days have been beautiful and I have been out enjoying the good weather.

On Sunday I decided to make a bamboo climbing frame above my garden swing for my climbers to climb across.  I am hoping they will grow lickety split across them because they will make a lovely shelter to sit under. 

I have attached the bamboo to the top of the swing and to the climbing frames using cable ties, I need something that will last in the outdoors.

Oscar and I took full advantage of the swing seat and dreamed of SUMMER!

Of course others joined in.

TOF joined me with a cup of tea and even managed to SMILE on the outside.
The clouds started to form so I quickly stacked up the  cushions and un pegged all the washing, just before it started to rain.  Well when I say rain I mean drizzle, which it did a couple of times and then stopped.

Yesterday started off lovely again so I headed out to visit Sue W and check out the lambs.  There is still only the two and they are still cute.

This poor Ewe is sooooo pregnant,
anyone that has been pregnant will feel for her.

Protective and proud mum.

This gorgeous Tui was sitting in a tree singing away,
such a beautiful bird.

The view from Sues gate across neighboring farm land.

We went to her neighbors farm to go see all the baby calves, so cute, all gangley legs and adorable eyes.

I could easily have taken one home with me.

We picked weeds for the goats to munch on in the sunshine.

Maximus Giganticus kept us company.

Well the look of Spring.

I am pretty sure this Humble Bumble Bee was asleep,
well there was no movement.

Max definitely was asleep!
Last night I started my Julie-ising (painting) of my $3 basket using the Amulet Green she recommended. I need to get another tester pot to finish it, but so far it is looking pretty fabulous.

The lads came over last night and I sneakily took this of them sharing a laugh.  They are such good mates which warms my heart.  They have what I have with my sister Helen, Friendship!!

My evening ended with a pot of tea for one.




Nancy J said...

The calves take me back to Primary School at Te Hihi, in from Papakura, and Calf Club Days. Plait the tail, polish the hooves, wash all in Lux suds, practice walking with halter and lead ,stop at the corners, walk backwards, and finish neatly in front of the judge. if you were in the top 3, off to the Franklin A&P show at Pukekohe.So much more there. Then the following year, a new calf, and a yearling!!! I wondered if the young girl who visited us last evening was lonely, escaped, walked across the creek, or saw our lush green pasture...OOps,, lawn!!! One good dollop of fertilizer left for the garden,.And yes, she did bellow a lot.

Goody said...

I imagine the bumblebee clinging to that flower shouting, "Mine! All mine!" after a long winter.

I'm interested to see how the bamboo frame works out-I'd like to do something like that in the back of our place.

Mel Baker said...

There is nothing better than a pet to warm up your lap, even if the result is pins and needles!!

The lambs are so adorable, I hope there will be more soon.

Julie said...

Look at Shebas beautiful shiny coat Sue. I think your basket is looking fab - that green is beautiful isnt it. I did love the pic of your boys - I have a couple of photos of mine sharing something like that - probably something rude knowing my lot!!! I have a verse somewhere that would be appropriate for your two .... "brothers by birth, friends/mates by choice" Just perfect. Are you over all this rain yet???

Leeanne said...

Not bad weather........just weather!
Your basket IS looking fabulous, I like that green too, I bought a shelf off Julie a couple years back and it is that same colour. Enjoying the lamb and other furry creature photo's......you take good shots.

Vix said...

Your bamboo arbour is a wonderful thing, I can't wait to see it filled with trailing greenery.
How fab to have two furry friends to keep you warm on a chilly evening. Nothing beats a cat snuggling in your lap! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

TOF has a wonderful smile -- and his sons have also inherited the Irish twinkle in his eyes. Laughter in the house, pets on the lap, chickens in the yard, lambs and calves in the hills, and a Tui singing in a tree: you have it all! Thanks for sharing, Sue.

Fiona said...

The weather is shit here too...pissing down it is.
Lovely shots of the dear little lambs, calves and goats. Your bamboo arbour is very impressive, hope we'll see another photo later in the summer with it covered in climbers.

Connie said...

We are all so excited to see what becomes of your bamboo arbour! And oh those cow eyes. That is exactly why I don't eat beef. I'm so happy your sons are friends. I have a boy and a girl and they still bicker and then make up like they did when they were toddlers. I guess that's some kind of form of sibling friendship. Wishing you and all your cuddly friends a happy spring.

Helga said...

I have a thing about climers and frames and having them draping all over me in a Greekish way....but can never quite get G on board! I'd especially like jasmine trailing about, and a grape vine so I can sit underneath and scoff.One day!
It's just as well Peepers is an only child, as her ass is too fat to be able to share my lap. She's heavy! But so precious! I adore seeing cats and dogs snuggle together.
Love the basket! Perfect for gathering garden delights!

Shawna McComber said...

I smile and sigh happily when I get to peek into your world. The animals, your garden, you family, and always your fun and positive attitude make visiting your blog a delight! xoxo

Raewyn said...

Looks idyllic Sue :-) Isn't it exciting seeing all the signs of spring? Lovely eye candy as always!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Brothers that get along and lap dogs ... what could be better :0)

freckleface said...

That's a very creative idea there with the bamboo. It's already looking pretty. I imagine it will be stunning come the summer. I'm so excited for you about Spring. Our summer has been a bit of a disappointment, but I'm not giving up just yet. You seem to live a dream life. How lovely that your boys get on so well. Xxx