Thursday, 19 November 2015

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.

So glad you enjoyed the old photos of my long gone relatives, I quite like delving into family history.  I remember my grandfather Bill telling me to "go back as far as a family fortune"!!  Alas, none was found, all gone by the time we arrived in the world.  Family is important, but not everyone in a family will always get along, so I take the good with the bad.  We cannot change people, but I guess we can hope for improvement as we age.  

I will probably do another post on some other oldies, as there are a few interesting old dudes to share with you if you are interested.

As you know I love both, my boys and my garden and time was spent with all over the last weekend.

The Spare and the Heir rocked around on Saturday as they had been to a clothing sale at the racecourse so they dropped in for a brew.  It warms my heart that these two can hang out together, kind of reminds me of me and my sister Helen. I like to think I had a helping hand in allowing them to like each other.

While TOF pruned some trees out the front of our place I tidied as best I could the wilderness in front of the house.  Basically just needed a bit of shaping, dead heading and weeding.

In between the house and our garage is a bad concrete job that I would love to deck and just have pots and furniture on, but in the mean time a major weeding tidied it up.

Tex's chair had become hidden so he will now be able to sleep soundly out the front in his all weather spot.  The Koru garden has been stripped and will either get crushed shells or maybe something low growing and spreading.

Every day I gather eggs and pick strawberries, both are welcome and being devoured. The Strawberries are producing well so I am freezing what we don't eat to use in jam and crumbles at a later date.

All the pets are happily going about their business out in the back yard.

I have been having a Black & White week and even put a dark blonde through my dark hair to dull down the reddish colour.  Dark blonde my arse, its chocolate brown.  I realise getting back to my normal colour is going to be a slow process but I am not in a huge rush and who knows, I may even change my mind and stay dark.

Hot Pink topper has featured two days in a row, and today had a French feel about it. Viva la France.
Our garden mulcher got a wee work out this afternoon, and there is a huge pile to still work my way through.  I gave up when the weather decided to turn and school was about to get out, and I didn't need an audience of young kids at my gate watching and commenting.

At least I managed to fill my wheel barrow once to the top and spread it down in the chicken area.  The girls are going to enjoy scratching about in all the fresh mulch.

We retired indoors as it is looking like rain outside, some have even taken to their bed.  Hopefully the rain will pass and be gone by the morning as I have more mulch to make.

Sure hope life is treating you all well.  With all the evilness that happened in France it makes me appreciate the peaceful life I live. I am not sure if the world has even had real peace as wars and scraps over land, religion and what ever else takes the radicals fancy at the time have been going on since the beginning of time really.  Living down here at the bottom of the world I like to think we are safe, but in truth I know we are no safer than anyone else.  

Be kind to yourself, each other and those you call strangers, and stay safe and happy where ever you may be.  United we must stand.



Serenata said...

Lovely post Sue, good to see what you have been up to. So nice your boys get along, that is always good - too many as you say are at loggerheads with each other.

Nice to be able to get out and about in the garden. I agree about not mulching when the school kids get out! An audience of that kind definitely not needed ;-)

Vix said...

Your garden looks lovely in the rain and the shine. Not sure if I'd recommend decking in a walking area, ours gets like an ice rink when it rains.
Love your hair dark and the fab black and white outfits.
I tried to kill my brother when I first met him but, after years of car fights we've even been to India & South American together! xxx

Leeanne said...

Lovely your boys enjoy each other company and enjoy coming home. Lovely post, I really like the ending statement! Peace and love to you tooxx

Julie said...

I love to see my boys hang out together too Sue - makes me feel good in my heart - kind of like I got something right in this life :-) Seeing your mulcher makes me think I could do with one of those around here.

Goody said...

That's so nice that your boys spend time together-and then they head over to their parent's house to spend time. Whatever you did-it worked!

If you really want to get back to your blonde hair, you need 30 volume peroxide to lift all those dark brown/reddish tones. You might luck out and nail it with one application, but keep in mind the stuff is harsh, so nothing stronger than a toner on it afterward. If you still have too much red/gold there are ad-ins you can buy for your toner to kill the red (Stuff in little purple pouches you add to the bottle). You don't have years of dye deposit, so it shouldn't be too bad getting your colour back. I know this because my younger self went for platinum blonde hair and yes, it looked as bad on me as it sounds ;)

Peace and love to you too.

Mel Baker said...

I know you had a big hand in your boys getting along so well. Good job, Mom!!

Poppy Q said...

Don't you think more people round the world need to live like us. Just living our own lives, enjoying the simple things and trying to be nice to people we meet. None of this going round with guns, trying to kill people.

Have a nice weekend in the Tron.

Beth Waltz said...

Are you sure you want to go back to the Light Side, Sue? The Titian reds with plum shadows (sounds like a really good wine) suits your coloring so well!

The garden clean-up is inspiring. No doubt The Girls will discover some delicious creepy crawlies in the mulch. Cats loathe mechanical mulchers almost as much as vacuum cleaners; however, I'm sure dear ol' Tex will approve his refurbished guardian-of-the-door bench.

Melanie said...

I love the life of animals and gardens and growing things and colour you always convey here. The basket of eggs and strawberries is delightful. Your boys are handsome as ever and it's great that they like to hang out. And I love your oranges/planets blog backdrop.

duchess_declutter said...

How nice to have a cool and rainy day Sue. The garden looks good and yes it all gives back. Great to have two sons who are great mates. Peace and Love right back at you Sue! cheers Wendy

Angels have Red Hair said...

Its great when brothers get along and are good mates for each other … mine can be, but still like to disagree and rumble when given the chance … they don't need much of an excuse!
You are such a busy bee in your garden … I'm more of the lazy sloth style gardener. Perhaps you can duck over and take care of mine for me ;0)