Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Spots or Dots and how about some bubbles!

I took the kittens for their check up and weigh in today and they have all hit their target weight so next week they all get de sexed (I haven't told them, I prefer it to be a surprise) and then they will be ready to be adopted out.  I am pretty happy with the little blighters, and I am ready for my next batch of babies.  With another lot to care for I won't get a moment to be sad about my first babies leaving the nest, will I?

They are getting pretty frisky now and awake so much more.  They play hard with each other so they are ready for the big wide world I think.

My garden in close up is making me smile, the colours, the detail, just everything, it all makes my heart sing.

Lichen reminds me of Seaweed, so is Seaweed the Lichen of the sea?

Fungi and dead heads, earthy tones of Natures life cycle in the garden.

The girls sleep together all the time,
I am not telling them they may be separated soon. 

Variegated leaves just might be my new flowers. 

Do you know how hard it is to photograph bubbles, especially when you are the one blowing them?  Bubble blowing is such good relaxing fun, it should be a relaxation therapy.  Maybe it already is.

 Sheba wasn't too sure what they all were.

 An unimpressed Chicken!

 Nailed it, maybe not floating, but nailed it!

It would appear that these two have decided that the Chicken coop is for sissies.  They have taken to sleeping on top of the Jasmine hedge at night, which is supposed to keep them in their designate area.  Yeah yeah, clip their wings.  I just cannot bring myself to do that, so sleep in the hedge girls!!

The Spare has been over the ditch as in Australia and he got me a Didgeridoo, oh and a matching Boomerang.  I adore the intricate paint work and colour on them both.  Beats a T-shirt or souvenir T-towel hands down don't you think.

I never used to particularly like Praying Mantis, but a lady I know (Laura) has been taking photos of them with her Macro and I have been inspired.  I am seeing them in a totally different light now. Funny looking buggers!!

Spots or Dots, what ever I do love them!  Another find off Trade Me and so nice to wear. I obviously was going for the Pumpkin look today.

This one arrived in the post today, yes another Trade Me purchase. Blues, spots, and ruffles, another mint piece to layer with.

While I was out and about after work something colourful caught my attention in a deserted yard next to the railway.  On closer inspection it turned out to be a huge Toitoi plant.  If you aren't a kiwi then you won't know these are normally a creamy white colour.  Someone has had some fun dyeing them and they look amazing.  You don't know how hard it was not to chop them down and bring them home!!

Hope your week is treating you kindly so far, we have hit the half way point so the count down to another weekend has STARTED!!!


Mim said...

Toitoi looks like pampas grass, which was big in British gardens in the 1970s (and, allegedly, the mark of a swingers' house - that's probably an urban legend, though). The toitoi looks great in rainbow colours.

Will they keep the kittens together if they're very fond of each other? We had to adopt our urchins as a pair as they couldn't be separated.

Mel Baker said...

Bubbles are so much fun - we blow them and the dogs catch them!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Coming for cuddles today, hope you've saved me some bubbles or I might just have a tanty and tell me, what does your didgeree do?

Beth Waltz said...

So many delights in this post, Sue -- it's like having the dessert cart wheeled up to one's breakfast table! I'll choose...the variegated leaves with smiling head of Buddha...No! you in the pumpkin polka-dots...oh, but I'd love to dye my pampas grass those colors this fall. And then there are the babies and the bubbles. Thanks for getting my chilly morning off to a warm-hearted beginning!

Goody said...

Oh how I love that ladybird spotted piece-you look incredible.

You really did nail the bubble shot-I can see trees reflected in it. Can you come over and set my camera for me? I'm the only idiot on the face of the earth that can't get a decent photo from a camera with automatic settings! "Aim and shoot." Yeah, right.

Gosh, if Mim is right about the grasses being a sign of a swinger's house, I'll never look at my elderly neighbours the same again!

Sandra said...

OMG love the ladybird jacket, I have shoes that would go perfectly.
How do find all this fab clothing on TradeMe? I find nice stuff but not fabulous stuff