Thursday, 26 May 2016

Big things and dressing from the feet up

What a week! Last Friday I went and collected Mr Big, and bought him home to our house to join our family of humans and animals. TOF adores him, but we all knew that would happen didn't we.  I know you want to meet him so here we go.

He moved in and stole our hearts one by one.  The weekend was a wet and cold sort and I had developed a snotty nose so me and Big spent a lot of time lying on top of the Spares bed  chilling together, me reading and him purring.  He has a big as motor of course and he loves to head butt you.

Yeah it was cold enough to pull out my big poncho and live in it all weekend.  The warm weather has definitely gone and it is now time to embrace the Winter wardrobe, which means loads more strategic layering and boots.

I have always loved this and it seemed to happen for us on Sunday as Big managed to get outside. No amount of calling got him to return, I was devastated, three days of having him wasn't enough.  So in the rain and dark the spare and I went with umbrellas and torches to search for him, but we came home with out him.  For the next couple of days I called him morning and night.  On Tuesday at about 8pm I decided I would try again.  As I went out the front door of our house, large as life as if nothing had happened was BIG sitting in the middle of our driveway!!  PHEW!!

Looking no worse for his two nights away he swanned back into our home, had a feed and got his motor running.  I think after a month of being holed up at the SPCA he just wanted some outside adventure, so he appears to have been hanging out at the school next door.  Our house is probably much quieter than a school full of 5-12 years old children.

Other things did happen during this time as well, my total focus wasn't on this beautiful new addition, but I think I could be forgiven if it had been.

Like my foster babies!  They are doing so well, packing on the weight and recovering from their cat flu.  Two is a good number of kittens to care for, so I think I will try to keep it to two each time if  possible.

A pair of gorgeous ORANGE boots arrived in the post that I had bought via trade me.  They cheered me up no end while Big was MIA (missing in action).  I wore them two days in a row to work and both days they dictated what clothes got worn.

These two are adjusting well to the new flatmate in their life.  Oscar is fine and no threat to Big as he is smaller but Sheba is a different game all together.  Nothing a face full of claws won't sort out.

All this wet weather has made more fungi appear in the garden and the orange one was so small but so bright.

Not wanting to be outside in the wet I ended up doing two batches of Jam, our cupboard is full now.  Blackberry on the left and Strawberry on the right, all fruit grown in our garden and frozen until I was ready to get my Jam making face on.

The back garden is covered in leaves and the only colour you will find is my blue chairs and the odd pinch of something flowering.

Striped socks and my birkies add some colour to the fallen leaves, don't panic, I don't wear these out.  I needed to go feed the girls.

On Monday I stopped in at Habitat and bought home the Pink leather Pouffe.  I have seen these for sale unfilled for $199-$280, I scored this one filled for $12.  Funny how I have splashes of this colour hiding in my garden. So matchy matchy I am!!!

The other thing I came home with is the wooden plant stand, only $10.  Perfect on the deck with my Hoya plant.  The pot it is in was given to me by a friend (thanks Anne) and is very old, and rather beautiful.

The babies are on their last week of medication.  I wrap them like a baby and wash their snotty little noses then dose them, so cute and such an easy way to keep them still.  They have both reached their goal weight and will be leaving me next week.  Booked in on Tuesday for their de-sexing.  Batch two done, wonder what I will get next.

Ladybird shoes!!!  Another purchase from Trade Me, and my oh my how I love them.  Another day of dressing from the feet up, a fun way to plan an outfit. I wonder what I will wear tomorrow, a SuesDay has been booked.

This afternoon there was a patch of sunshine on the spares bed so I decided it was the perfect place to read.  It didn't take long for the animals to all join me. No hissing from Big at the dogs so all is running smoothly.  He is back to stay and seems pretty bloody happy, he will have his staff in place by the weekend if not sooner.



Poppy Q said...

Awww welcome Mr Big - you sure won the cat lottery by picking Miss Sue to go and live with. What a wonderful life you are going to have at her house, just don't run away and scare her.

Julie and Poppy Q

Goody said...

Ah yes, dogs learn quickly not to mess with cats still in possession of their claws! Mr. Big is a beautiful boy and I'm sure he'll love living with you.

You're lucky I'm on the other side of the world or I would sneak over and steal those ladybird shoes right off your feet. Might swipe the boots too, if I'm going to the bother.

Connie said...

What an absolutely wonderful lovely dreamy post. I just love hanging out with you, Sue. Your home is so cozy and your style is the sweetest. Cats! You've gotta love 'em but Oy! Every cat I've ever owned has caused me far more angst than my kids ever have.

Vix said...

Mr Big is absolutely gorgeous, I'm thrilled that he's yours. No wonder TOF is in love, so am I!
One of Mim's babies went AWOL last week, too. What a relief that they both found their way home.
Those kittens are looking very healthy. I love your orange boot and that purple pouffe. xxx

Nancy J said...

Mr Big, truly meant to stay, little ones, looks like they are thriving, orange boots, what winners, and your pot on the stand, beautiful beyond words. Lots colder down here, fires going, coffee brewed, and my brown leather ottoman looks so ordinary when I see your purple one, what a bargain, Enjoy it every day.

Mel Baker said...

So glad that Mr. Big found his way home - silly boy.

duchess_declutter said...

Well done Mr Big! Rocking those socks and Birkies Sue! cheers Wendy

Leeanne said...

What a roller coaster story about Mr Big! You had me happy then worried than happy again! Mr Big please don't do that again.....perhaps he needs a phone & texting abilities to let you know his were abouts! Yumo ORANGE BOOTS! I have been so excited to pull out my red boots and start wearing them again, they cheer me up. Seems to me you are making a great Mum to all these furry babies. Lovely that all the cats and dogs are getting so well, they must get it from you.

Julie said...

Oh Sue - Mr Big is adorable. He sure has landed on his feet coming to live at your wonderful home. I can just see you & the Spare out in the rain in the dark looking for him, both worried. I have lost count of the number of times I have roamed out neighbourhood in my nightie & parka calling out for Blackie who pretends to be deaf !! Your orange boots are wonderful but OH WOW those ladybird shoes ... be still my beating heart !!!

Polyester Princess said...

I absolutely love Mr. Big! The orange boots and the ladybird shoes are my favourite finds and that jam looks delicious! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Mr. Big's smug cat-got-the-canary-washed-it-down-with-cream expression says it all! He is a large lad, indeed. Sorry about the AWOL scare. My giant white floofy tom went wandering for two weeks and returned disguised as a patch of weeds. Cost $$ to have him shaved and sorted out. *sigh*

Those orange boots and shoes are better than chocolate for lifting one's mood, Sue. So are the mug shots of the babies wrapped like tacos. What splendid whiskers!

freckleface said...

I love all these photos of pussy cats. They are just adorable!! Your hair is looking beautiful, all long and romantic. Usually when I say that, people say they are going to the hairdressers tomorrow! :D I have one of those Moroccan pouffes in gold and I love it. Yours was a bargain. You can't beat homemade jam! Xxx