Friday, 10 June 2016

I love spots, yes I do!!

Ok so it is looking very much like only one post a week these days,
so here I go. 

Last weekend was all about being outside enjoying some very nice weather indeed.  There was plenty of mooching around home as we had the long weekend to fill.  My big Idesia Trees are loosing their leaves and the last of the berries are being devoured by the bird life.  What a grand way to spend your life, high up in a tree feasting on berries. I want to be a bird!!

Big spent a lot part of the weekend coming and going out the front of our place.  He has discovered the garden that dear old Tex used to frequent, best I trim the garden around Tex's chair so Big can have some sleepy moments on it.

I discovered Manderines on our tree, a Monarch spreading its beautiful wings in the sunshine and of course Big looking gorgeous on the neighbours fence, his favourite outside spot.

George Grey and Wayne Black (yes I had his name wrong, but really a kitten called Wayne??) are doing their very best to out cute the previous kittens.  They love being wrapped and cuddled, mummies little babies!!!

Sue W and I decided to have a SuesDay out on Thursday this week. I made a jacket out of a Russian Shawl I had and I was so warm all day.  Did I mention the sun has disappeared, and been replaced with the wet stuff. Well it is supposed to be Winter so it is to be expected, mind you it hasn't been that cold.

The op shops turned up trumps for me!!
Thursday and today I found lots of lovely things.

Sue W found the Digby Law's book for me and only $1.50 at the Salvo. We discovered a new Op shop raising money for an animal shelter and were pleasantly surprised at the stock.  Only been open for three days so very new, I got the travel Backgammon and the Delft Cow creamer jug.  The cat sign above I didn't buy but I do like the saying, that was at Habitat, $2 was a tad much.

SPOTS glorious SPOTS!!!
All of these came from the op shops and Trade Me, and I am in SPOT heaven!!

I do not have an 18 month old to wear this, our local rugby teams support jersey but one day I might so at $8 I had to bring it home.  No pressure on the Heir and the Spare!!!

What are they all looking at you may well ask?  The spare was making his lunch last night (for work today) and I came upon this line up! Fans? Moral supporters? Or plain old scroungers? Believe me they were focused on what was happening on the bench, not me taking photos!!

On this wet Friday I dressed myself in RED and BLACK, SPOTS and STRIPES!!

The weekend is here for me, and I have my fingers and toes crossed for the return of the sunshine so some more time can be spent outside among the life in the garden. But whatever the weather brings there is always something to do.


Poppy Q said...

Sue love all the spots, and it sure is the season for layers at the moment. Mr Big certainly looks at home at your place now, and glad he is enjoying the outdoor chair - Tex would be happy. The new kittens are very smoochable and I am sure will find great homes.

Enjoy your weekend.

Julie and Poppy Q

Vix said...

The rain hasn't dampened your enthusiasm for bargain hunting, you've made some amazing finds there, Sue!
Big is looking magnificent and the kittens are darlings. Wayne's a great name for a cat, he could come and leave with our Stephen! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Lovely nature and cat photos as always, Sue, and again you found some lovely things at the op-shops. Oh, and I'm crazy about spots too! xxx

Raewyn said...

Nice to see your goings-on Sue.... hope the winter weather clears a little for you this weekend so you can get some more gorgeous garden photos :-) Hehe love the pet line-up!!

Mel Baker said...

Spots and stripes? You are positively wicked!! Enjoy your weekend.

Goody said...

I laughed so hard at the photo of the little beggars waiting patiently for scraps I nearly woke the household (and the neighbours too!).

Have you ever noticed how birds get stained faces after feasting on berries and look like they're wearing lippy (well, "beaky") and rouge? I always wonder if the other birds tease them, "Aw look at feathers, all dressed up with nowhere to go."

You won at sourcing the spots this week. Beautiful makeover on that Russian scarf as well. I'm going to send summer back down to you-she isn't behaving very nicely at all (we're under "Excessive heat warnings").

Have a great weekend.

Leeanne said...

You always dress really jazzy and funky! The cats are looking very content. You sure find some awesome treasures in the Opshops!

Beth Waltz said...

What a gloriously colorful review of "Sue's Wild Kingdom" of flora, fauna and fowl! Mr. Big appears to be quite tigerish when he's on the wall -- but look how domesticated he can be when lunch is being prepared in the kitchen!

Your Russian shawl-to-jacket conversion appears to be as cozy and it is attractive. Clever you, snatching up those green sandals out of season!

Fiona said...

Great Op shop finds Sue and like Vix I think Wayne is a brilliant name for a moggy...I once knew of one called Dave.

duchess_declutter said...

ahh Sue, it's always so breezy to read your posts. Thanks for the comment on my sorry old blog, and my apologies for being so late in saying so. I had a bit of an issue with blogger, but that seems sorted now. cheers Wendy

Mim said...

Big is definitely beautiful! It's funny to see all your furry friends lined up to scrounge.