Friday, 17 February 2017

Preoccupied by that small ball of fluff every day

Having an adorable kitten in the house is taking up my time and I am getting very little done, like keeping up with my Blogging, so lets just blame Toebee!!!

He loves being outside being a big cat, so he is spending a lot of time exploring the garden.  The good thing is he will always come running when I call his name.  When I say run it is more like a mad dash and scramble flat out with sliding once he hits the kitchen floor.

I gladly shared the garden with some baby sparrows that were enjoying some sunshine one afternoon.  There is room for us all!!!

There is so much glorious colour going on!

Even a Cicada shell and the drying Magnolia leaves looked photo worthy.

The produce from the garden keeps coming.  Loads of new Lemons, a massive crop of Blackberries is slowly ripening, and we have a tree covered in Apples.  Our Strawberries were tragic this season, at least the flowers are pretty.

Those garden arches look like they have been here forever now.

Toebee is so much like a toddler, when he sleeps he sleeps like a log.  How cute are his back feet all crossed over and all, and what about that tongue hanging out?

The last of the plums got bottled, a kilo of them has been frozen, ear marked for more jam, and the last few went into a Plum Cake for the Spare and his girlfriend as a flat warming gift, complete with the dome.

TOF was unhappy to see a cake go out the door so I made him savory scones and some Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins.  While on a roll in the kitchen with my apron on I made some Red Pepper Jelly.

Then the Tomatoes kept getting brought inside by TOF.  So some jars of Tomato, onion and parsley have been made, perfect for a spag bol.  Tonight I used a couple of kilos of toms to make sauce, and by golly it is mighty nice! Sue W shared on face book where you could make and print your own labels, so I DID!!

On another day I finally got around to making my wax wraps.  I actually detest glad wrap, cling film, you know the stuff.  I used a vintage sheet and followed my instructions from lovely Laura and next thing I was wrapping half an avocado to store in the fridge.  Good news is three days later that avo was still looking good!  So better than glad wrap and these are re usable and so very easy to make. 

On a sun filled day I set up the garden swing.

From the garden swing I can sit in the shade and sip tea and read if I like.  But I always have my camera so I can capture the things that give me pleasure outdoors.

I finished gathering the Sweet pea seeds from the dried pods, read some of my new book (a Xmas gift) and was joined by the wee lad.  Of course Big turned up, Oscar joined me for a moment, and Sheba lay with her ball at my feet.
The girls have been gifting us with at least three eggs a day of late so they have been getting plenty of back garden time.

Toebee was quite fascinated with dear old Aggie.

I always smile when I catch them Sun bathing and dust bathing.

How gorgeous does Dawns pottery look with some lichen growing on it.

I played with some pastel hair colours, I love them when they are wet.  Dry they are so subtle which is all good to.  Semi permanent so they wash away.

TOF and I bought a couple of large bags of tub mix so potting up plants has begun.  I have lifted all my bulbs from pots now I have to decide where to plant them.  The two large pots I scored from the Dump Shop, so cheap for such big pots $8 and $6. The Rooster was gifted to me by a dear friend.

Shebas' playmate Stella, the Spares puppy came to play.

My old wheelbarrow has been re soiled and we have planted Lettuces in it, heavily protected from the girls tho'. This could be classed as meals on wheels!! The half baskets I also found at the Dump shop, $4 each so they are getting planted up.
With a vacant bedroom again I have lifted the grotty old carpet.  The  wooden floor is Native timber and so much nicer.  The walls need to be stripped and the wood work needs to be sanded.  Then I can paint and decorate.  This is going to be a reading room/guest room.  I have plans, BIG PLANS!!

I ordered this online and I had to put it together.  Well when I say put together, I mean screwed on the arms and legs.  This meant using THE TOOL BOX!!  Epic fail as I screwed on one leg back to front, this was pointed out to me by TOF.  It arrived faster than I expected so best I pull finger with my decorating.

The same day that my sofa bed arrived, my Ultrasonic Aroma Humidfier arrived. I put Sweet Pea oil in the water so we had a beautiful fragrant mist.

It even changes colours!!!

The Summer Sales are already on so I swooped on this bed cover at half price. Other things I saw were 70% off, now that is a sale.

Toebee Time!!  He sleeps in the most funniest positions, so relaxed about life. I love how he stretches and yawns, even tho' his yawn looks like he is laughing.

     A perfect place to sleep is on top of Oscar, among those soft white curls.
The other best place to sleep is with your best friend.  These two play all the time.  Sheba is smitten with this new toy that we got her.

Toebee is so ballsey for someone so small, and Sheba is so gentle for someone so big.

 Of course another cool place to rest is in the old dolls pram with that doll.

Basically anywhere, anytime is good for a snooze.  I guess that is why it is called Cat Napping!!

My final photo is my $10 dump bike with the $4 planted basket that is now permanently parked by a tree in the garden. My inspiration came from Julies garden.  She plants so many different things and bikes large and small are a feature.  

Not much charity shopping has been done, but a SuesDay, first for the year, is planned for tomorrow.  So who knows what we will find, all I hope is the rain has stopped!!!

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Vix said...

So much to love here, Sue! Tiny Tobee and all the signs of Summer, colour and delight.
I love your bedcover and am intrigued by those wax wraps. I hate clingfim, too. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Aren't those baby sparrows adorable? And Toebee too, of course! How sweet is that photo with his tongue hanging out, looking like butter wouldn't melt. I love all the flower close-ups, which make me long for summer, and your bargain bed cover is fabulous! xxx

Nancy J said...

The wee boy, the girls, flowers and more,and some words to finish off, all in all perfectly lovely. We have had rain all night and still dripping, running, down, not quite at what we might call " Hosing". Wish it would arrive in huge quantities in Christchurch and the Hawkes Bay.

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Seeing your sunshine and activity in your garden just makes me long even more for Spring to arrive here. Toebee is such a delight to see, I love how he snuggles with your dogs xx

kiwikid said...

Your flowers are beautiful and Toebee is a joy to see too. Your garden looks like a beautiful place to be.

Julie said...

Funny Sue, I was just emptying out my camera & looking at my pics of ToeBee & wondering how he was .... & here is your post. He is growing !!! Pleased to see he is still ruling the roost the way only a kitten can. Lots of things to love here today besides ToeBee ... your baking, your gorgeous floors, your new bike all planted up looks a treat ... its all just wonderful. Hope you are getting this great rain to give your garden a good drink.

Leeanne said...

Love the last saying. I can see why Toebee sucks up your time.........still it's nice. Yes the the wax/fabric wraps, works a treat on cut avocado, thanks so much for tip, it's great for cheese too!
Happy colourful filled weekend to you!

Mim said...

I hope Toebee doesn't discover the sparrows.

Those wax wraps sound intriguing - I've never heard of them, but I hate clingfilm so an alternative can only be a good thing.

Beth Waltz said...

Me, too! Like Mim, I've never heard of wax wraps, but I hate clingfilm and love avocadoes, so please tell us more.

Thanks for all the smiles, Sue. Toebee's kitten naps are exactly the treat I needed with my morning coffee (but all your kitchen work appears equally appetizing!).

Lovely hair coloring! The colored strands suit a lady whose garden is home to a kaleidoscope of flora and fowl and fauna.