Friday, 5 May 2017

If a picture is worth a thousand words then here comes a very long story!!!

My blogging seems to be a fortnightly affair at the moment, not sure why but lets just roll with it.  It is not that I have been busy it is more of a I get easily distracted, especially at home in my garden.  With the garden and my animals time seems to pass by in this really peaceful calm manner, I think I shall call it  MY BLISS.  So in my Bliss of late what has been happening?  Well thanks to my trusty cameras I can sort of answer that question.

The sun made an appearance and managed to stay long enough for things to dry up around here, and plenty of time was spent weeding, trimming and faffing about outside.

Climbers are climbing,
insects good and bad are a plenty, 
and creepers are creeping.

Birds are spending time feasting on the berries in the Idesia Trees and leaves are starting to change colour and fall.

New buds are forming into flowers
while old favourites continue to bloom.

Even in the dying moments flowers still manage to look fabulous.

Colours and natural shapes are everywhere.

The contentment I enjoy in my own back yard is so simple, but so satisfying.  What gives you contentment, your bliss?

Toebee is always on an adventure of his own...

...Oscar and Sheba just chill out.

The girls are still laying and still hiding their eggs.  Some are in the process of molting and looking pretty shabby.  But generally they are all just spending the sunny days out enjoying it.

While Mrs Wickham was drinking from a bowl a Black Bird did the same from the bird bath. We have room for them all!!

Cassie decided to wet her feet while drinking while a bemused Florence watched on. 

I remember years ago a yoga teacher I had brought me back a Mala from India when she had been on an Ashram over there.  She told me it would help me find my 'inner peace', maybe it did, maybe it didn't, but I know I have found it now, where it probably always was, in my garden.

On the 25th of April at 5:30am TOF and I went to the Dawn Parade in Parana Park for ANZAC Day.  I had never been to a Dawn service before, very moving it was too.  So many people, young and old, and slightly surreal. 

After being at a shopping centre I took a back way home and stopped near the river at a paddock that had horses in it.  This beautiful White one made it's way over to meet me.

Such majestic animals and this one was so funny,
I think I made a friend!

As some of my clothes were drying in the sunshine I noted that most things I own are colourful. No surprises there really.  Florals, abstracts, or embroidered, as long as it is colourful.  Of course there are the spots and stripes but usually black and white. Plain black has to have a ruffle, some lace or some trimming to keep it from being too ordinary.

Now that it is getting cooler most people are wearing the dreaded uniform of black or grey.  
Not me!!  
Layers of colour from head to toe on a daily basis.

Op shopping hasn't really been a happening thing of late.  I find that my foot is so sore if I walk around to long on it.  Final Xray is showing good healing, new bone growth, but still broken toes.  Long drawn out process that just involves time.  Pretty sure I have plenty.  The specialist said the pain will eventually go and the feeling will return to my toes.  Here I was thinking after 6 weeks all would be back to normal, but not so.  Hey it could be worse, I could have not foot!!!

But I did find two humorous coasters (50c each) and the best little beautifully hand worked stool ($7).

And not quite 2mtrs of lovely embroidered trim that can 'zhoosh' up a pair of plain black pants for Winter!!

Last weekend in the wee hours of Saturday morning Big was involved in a cat fight.  We did not see him until late that day when he came limping in the back door looking a little worse for wear.  On Sunday I took him to our vet who confirmed the limp was from a cat bite, so he got two jabs, an antibiotic and a pain killer. $130 later I took him home where he succumbed to the idea of staying indoors and resting.

In a matter of days he was out in the garden but taking things at a slower pace, with his shaved back left foot, and even staying in at night now.  Maybe he has finally grown up and put his 'all night outings' behind him, I can only hope.

Toebee made sure he was okay with regular check ups.

Then yesterday I noticed old Cassie wasn't looking too flash so I bought her inside for the night.  Think the other girls have been picking on her, well her head as she has lost feathers and had some dried blood.  She is very old and quite possibly not long for this world. I put her out in a nesting box where she will be warm and safe.  Nature will take it's course.

On the light hearted side of things, Sheba has been making me laugh how she sleeps with her tongue hanging out.  She barks and twitches in her sleep too.

The other day I was waiting for the Spare and I was parked opposite one of my favourite places in my city.  The old fountain at Founders Theatre.  The Theatre was built in 1962 so I presume the fountain is of the same era. The Founders has since been closed for Health and Safety reasons, and there is talk of it being pulled down.  All I hope is that what ever happens this lovely old fountain gets to stay.

I wonder if it would fit in my garden?

Little Coral (bottom photo) has joined in with the outdoor sleeper Mrs Wickham (top photo).  They and others seem to have taken a liking to sleeping in the potato vine.  I have started to push them out of this because the nights are getting colder.  You should hear the bitching that goes on when I do this to them.  I should record it for you, it really is quite a scene that they cause.

Tonight on my evening inspection I found the little girls were not there but Florence had joined Mrs Wickham.  They have made a pretty good nest. 
I give up!!

Of course this is the rest of the night patrol on duty.

Good to see Toebee is using his Scratchy pad!!

Yeah it is so Funny!!!


Ain't that the truth!!




Goody said...

I always enjoy your photo essays. Even autumn is colourful in your garden. Sorry your foot is taking so long to heal. Those small bones can be the most stubborn.

sallyhicks said...

Another wonderful blog Sue. So sorry about your still painful foot. Before I met Ian he had 3 broken toes. A work accident. While we were dating and engaged he could mention discomfort quite a bit but once married he forgot.nperhaps because he had a sitting job. But they do get better. I love Toebee to bits and kept a lookout for coral.Sure enough there she was . I agree in my whole life of travel and adventure I have never been happier in my garden. I used to get up at 6am to water my roses. I would squeeze the greenfly, weekly feed with maxi crop. I was 23 then and it drove my 50myear old male neighbour crazy asking what I did as his blooms were half the size. I told him nothing. Couldn't tell him I loved them !
Will write soon with quite a bit of news.mYou look so beautiful I wish we could have been neighbours. Love Coral Xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Your photos definitely tell the most delightful of stories. I can totally understand that you are finding your bliss in your garden. I only have the smallest of plots, but when I get home totally stressed out, just spending a couple of minutes watering and deadheading will do the trick. I love it how you can make the ordinary look extraordinary in your photographs. You've got an incredible eye for detail! xxx

Vix said...

Naughty Mr Big! Frank did the same the other day and ended up costing us a small fortune at the vets! Bloody cats!
Sorry to hear that the foot is still painful. Don't overdo it, potter around at your own pace and I'm, pretty sure you'll get there in the end, you've got a positive attitude and that's half the battle.
Gorgeous photos, especially the first one. So professional.
Love that braiding, that's going to be one cool pair of pimped-up trousers. xxx

Leeanne said...

Magic photo;s my friend, you have an eye for the magical details........I am worried about the birdhouse though, it looks like it is getting strangled by that vine. Take care of those toes of yours and tell Big to quit fighting it costs you too much in vet bills!

Chris H said...

Your blog posts always inspire me to get outside with my camera and shoot, shoot, shoot!
Only mine don't come out like yours! You take amazing photos Sue.
I love your posts. Far too much to comment on... just keep them coming. *smiles*

Julie said...

Amazing photos as always Sue. You sure do capture those moments. Always great to see Toebee who is growing up so fast. Glad the foot is mending - it always seems to take ages. Love that braid you have bought !! Have a great weekend xx

kiwikid said...

More beautiful photos, just quietly drooling over your garden here!! Colour is a must in the winter, makes you feel so much better. Hope the toes are better soon.

chris said...

Hi Sue, you have a lovely garden, so colourful. Oh that's a shame about the Founders theatre, my mum took me to see Snow White there when I was little, and I saw Sherbet there in 76. (those were the days)
Love the clothes, my fav would be the black with black lace pants :-)
Have a great fortnight. Chris xoxo

Running with Scissors said...

I'm over here from Chris' H blog. Gorgeous photos, you have a real talent.

Mim said...

You and Big have been in the wars! Though at least you didn't go looking for it. It's good to know you're both recovering, even if your toes are taking their time.

My bliss? My cats and my bathtub!

Beth Waltz said...

My bliss is my cats, my books and my little patch of the planet overlooking an Indiana river valley. Fortunately for my budget, I'm a sketcher rather than a photographer, so I find great pleasure in your exquisite close-ups of vines and other floral vignettes in your garden, Sue. Yes, I'd welcome an opportunity to sit with you and the gang on the swing and watch the action at the water bowls.

I maintain there are vitamins and energy in bright colors. At least they improve my mood -- perhaps bright socks will encourage your toes to heal more quickly. (And try experimenting with foam forms to keep them straight. Friend of mine used her pedi-pads and found them very comfy.)