Friday, 16 June 2017

Searching for the colour among the fallen leaves.

I don't mind Winter as long as it doesn't RAIN!  Give me a hearty Frost because you will usually get a wicked day to follow.  But RAIN, you can keep it.  OK it can RAIN at night, but not during the day when there is stuff to be done!

Most of the garden is covered in crunchy brown leaves at the moment.  I discovered that the two Climbers  either side of my swing were so heavy that the frames had snapped and it wasn't looking promising for climbing.  So I moved an arch from near the blackberries and put it behind the swing, hopefully the climbing will continue, but behind not above now.

It would seem that the girls find the leaves perfect for laying eggs on, even if only one these days.  At least one of them is doing her bit!

Aren't variegated leaves lovely,
they make up for the lack of colour that I have.

After looking hard I did find little bits of colour still thriving. Phew!!

There are two large Idesia trees in the garden, one is all but naked while the other one is just starting to strip for Winter.  Mothers little helpers are always around on the garden adventures.

Sometimes Big ventures out to join in.....

.....sometimes he stays put on the deck in a warm spot.

Not only have the Lemons appeared, so to have the Manderines, winter fruit is all Citrus. 

My hair got crimped and pimped thanks to my Wavy Envy, and it certainly lifted my mood for the day.  Even tho my hair was layered and trimmed not long ago it is happily getting longer, YAY!!  Down to my bum I say, that's where I want it.
I have had luck at the Charity Shops, adding this lot to my wardrobe.  I had a massive sort out so I do not feel bad about acquiring some new to me things for the current Season.

The Poncho got an outing the following day, so light, and so warm.  Sue W and I had a day out, a SuesDay!  She was in need of some enjoyment after an incident at her place concerning a new couch and a small old dog who is very lucky to still be with us, you can read about that here.

We ventured out of town to Morrinsville and stopped in to check out a very cool second hand shop where we both drooled over many things while our hands were wrapped around hot coffee from the Coffee Shack inside.  In fact we went back this week to pick up a ladder for Sue.  The old Washer has been made into a water feature, very cool.

My reason for wanting to go to Morrinsville was to see this, the Mega Cow!

It's bloody enormous and I just want to plant wild flowers or maize under it.  Wonder if the owners would mind terribly?

Colourful cows line the main street and the Waikato coloured one was outside the Wallace Gallery, so we popped in for a look around.  Some amazing art was done on old Trampoline mats, you would need a huge wall to hang them on.

We went to a couple of Op Shops and walked passed the old Pub on the corner of the main st, the tile work, doors and engraved windows are stunning.  Unfortunately the beautiful sunshine was not helping with photos.

From Morrinsville we drove to Cambridge, checked out the Op Shops, then meet Chris and her darling grand daughter for lunch, and a very nice lunch it was to. I totally forgot to take any photos, but we did meet, no lies!! 

When I got home the little fluffy dog on the left was here, lost but very excited as we live next to a school and he was getting plenty of attention.  Long story short, I put him out the back with my two, after he had managed to cock his leg on our foot stool, and took a liking for humping my leg. Sheba super stoked thinking I had got her a puppy!!  I phoned the pound, who came out and they were to reunite the wee bloke with his owners.  Which they did as I checked in on Monday, RESULT, and I bet the owners were happy to have him back.

Last Saturday I drove over to visit my cousin Annette who lives in Athenree, near Waihi Beach.  I stopped at the Beach as there is nothing as lovely as standing on the golden sand that stretches forever and breath in the sights, and the sea air.

A glorious sight on a beautiful Winter Day.

Annettes sister Suzanne was over from Australia, the reason for my visit.  We share the same great grandmother, so we are cousins that way.  Annette made the most divine Spicy Thai Pumpkin soup, and we chatted and laughed for a few hours.  Her home backs onto a harbour and the view over her fence is fabulous, even when the tide is out!  With hugs all round it was time for me to head home.  Once more I forgot to get a photo of us cousins, oops!!

A very enjoyable drive as I take the back roads through the country, passing farms, twisting my way back to Hamilton.  This way is never busy this time of the year which makes the drive so much easier when you are on your own.

A lone Bee was getting as much pleasure from these Yellow flowers as I was the other day, it found the COLOUR!!  But how could you not when it is BRIGHT YELLOW!

Monday turned into a mini SuesDay as we returned to Morrinsville for said ladder.  Back in Hamilton we visited a couple of our favourite places and I scored another sterling silver bangle for 50 cents, it needed a bloody good clean before ending up on my arm, 2nd from the top.  I found and orange and pink tunic, and 3 delightful glass ducks!

While waiting for some photos to be printed I found a Curl Secret ON SALE!!  I love my Curl Secret, so much fun!!

This week at my night class I put together, well soldered my band ring.  I rather like the not so perfect result of my finished product and have worn it ever since.  Next week our wax cast rings should be back, excited much!

More colour was found hiding in pots!

And of course in this weather there are 'shrooms!

I made dinner the other night, I know, don't faint!!  I made us some Leek and Zucchini soup and some Sun dried Tomato and Feta scones.  Even tho they look slightly burnt, they were divine!!  A quick Winter warmer for sure, you cannot beat soup and scones.

Oh Look!!  
I went and purchased wooden coat hangers,
don't they just look super!

The climbing and checking out new spots to look in, and sleeping on what ever is on the airing rack continue.  Toebee is quite mad, but in the best way possible.

He uses his scratch pad to sleep on or hide in, even tho he can only get his front half inside it now.  So pleased it wasn't a waste of money.


 So true.

 I so have.

Yes, the BEST things!!

***Stay Happy***


Beth Waltz said...

The new curly 'do is YOU, Sue! It's a lovely layer to top off your amazing layering wardrobe (inspired, no doubt, by your amazing layers of color in your garden). * You'll love the way those wooden hangars keep clothes apart on the rod.

Delighted to learn the rowdy visitor was safely returned to his home. Bless you, Sue, for your kindness to a small lad who *ahem* had less than perfect company manners.

Goody said...

I'm dying at the foraging in the cabinet photo-just like a wee child searching for biscuits!

I can't say I blame the girls for not laying eggs in the rain-I wouldn't want to either. That giant cow needs a giant milk pail ;)

Oooh, fancy curls. Love it. Your hair is looking magnificent as always, and yes, you should grow it to your bum.

Vix said...

Don't you just love how naughty cats are? I love that photo! Your hair looks fabulous as does the winter wardrobe. Hooray for ponchos, so much more fun than a coat.
Hair down to the waist sounds very do-able. resist the scissors. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

You are right, it should only rain at night. I've often said so. We do need rain for our gardens to keep looking lovely, though. I'm amazed at the little treasures still in bloom. And I love 'shrooms, definitely worth having autumn for. Your hair is looking fantastic, Sue. Down to your bum: go for it! As usual, Toebee's antics (especially the one where he's raiding the cupboard) made me smile! xxx

Nancy J said...

I hopped over to "Sue" and what a mess on her new settee!!! That wheelbarrow, a real beauty, you seem to find the most amazing op shops. The beach, looked like a lovely winter day, Down here, a gale or hurricane wind one night last week... leaves galore, we raked, piled on a tarpaulin, and dragged to another place to cover the weeds!!! New hair style, new clothes, and those hangers, all so good to brighten up for winter.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

The curly thing works great! Curly locks, curly locks, wilt thou be mine :D Toebee rules ok xx

Leeanne said...

No boot love this time round for me..............BUT there is the curl love! want one too! Toebee you are a hoot! Isn't winter wonderful?

Julie said...

You still have loads of colour even though it is mid winter Sue. Love your curly hair :-) I remember that vintage shop as I went speeding through Morrinsville early the other morning on my way to Thames. I forgot to look for it on my way home. But I could not miss the cow !!!

sallyhicks said...

Oh you gorgeous, glamorous thing Sue and what a wardrobe! Love the hangers. Just what I need.Loved the jewellery. It must be fun but looks difficult.. You have so much colour in you garden but the toadstools were my favourite.
Do I see two Oscars? Have I missed something? Saw the cow on tv but nice to see you there. Makes you look very small. I really liked the two fancy ones as well.
Tell Toebee he steals the show , dear old Big needs more turns. Why are my lemons still green. They are sheltered in a pot in a glass porch open one side. Our frosts quite heavy. Do you cover yours at night?

chris said...

oh is that a carnation, my favorite flower, been eating lots of manderines lately, but didnt help, still got a cold, I love the way those mushrooms look kinda like a group of bali huts lol,(think that's what they are called) you take great photos Sue. The cow sure is mega hehe, love the curls and your ring band. Hope you have a great week Sue. Chris xoxoxo

Raewyn said...

Hehe it sure looks like Toebee keeps everyone amused! Sounds like you've had some great adventures lately :-) I'm with you - winter would be great without the rain - soggy as up here today.