Thursday, 13 July 2017

Never fear, in case you care, I'm still here!!!

Just in case you thought I had packed up and left you all, I am still here.  Just been busy doing things and stuff like you do and I keep not getting around to blogging.  So while you wait for me to get my act together I shall share just a few snaps of what has been consuming my time.

A new Op Shop opened in Frankton,
which I have been to weekly since it flung open it's doors
to us shoppers!!

Even on the wet Winter days my garden still has given me pleasure.

Foggy days that will not clear haven't stopped me getting out and about.

I checked out a cat show which was full of lovely moggies
and very entertaining sights.

Toebee has so many new adventures,
he is taking things to new heights here!

My Daphne is doing her very best to flower for me.

I am loving being able to curl my hair.

Toebee got a Tuxedo for a dollar!!

I rescued a bird that flew into a glass door.

Sheba got a funky new hand made collar.

Big is loving the heater and snuggling to keep warm.

Oscar has realised that the couch is for everyone not just himself.

I got TOF a sticker but he wouldn't put it on his truck.

An awful lot of Hot drinks are being drunk around here.

And this pretty much sums up
how I have been
of late.
I promise to be back soon!!


sallyhicks said...

Lovely, lovely blog Sue. You brighten up our winter days. Toebee is getting so big now. Love the tux. Dear old Big looks very well. Wish I could smell the daphne.Glad I switched off the repetitive news to read your cheerful blog.

Nancy J said...

Winter, the season of ??? Very wet here, and today so cold. Both our daughters rang to tell of falling snow, why did I really want it to fall right here??Your flowers, is that a Tibouchina? Frost tender, mine is about 10 feet tall and still flowering. Did you know there is a palest delicate mauve one? Mitre 10 here have it. A new op shop.. they are my favourite places to visit. Curls, they are gorgeous and suit you to a TEE.!!!

chris said...

Glad to see you back, even for a little while Sue, hope your doing ok.
aww always remember shopping in Frankton, especially Forlongs, (are they still there?) Sometimes I wish I could go back to the good old days.
Toebee looks adorable in his tux, and I wish I could curl up on the couch with them all.
Look foward to reading your blog,it always puts a smile on my face. Take care Sue. Chris xoxo

Polyester Princess said...

I was getting kind of worried there, and thought I might have missed a post while I was on holiday. I always love your cheerful & colourful posts. Good for you that you that you don't let dark and foggy days keep you from being out and about. How great to have a new Op Shop at your disposal. Always exciting, isn't it? xxx

Vix said...

I find blogging a bit of a trial when it's winter and cold and miserable.
Lovely to see you pop up! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks for the sunshine, Sue. (I'm referring to your smile, curly hair and photos of furry friends and brave flowers.) Looking forward to a peek at the goodies you've been finding at the new shoppe.

Julie said...

Lovely sunshiney post Sue despite the winter weather. LoVE Toebees $1 tuxedo ... he looks quite the runway model!!! Watch out that Big doesnt try to steal it from him :-) Have a great weekend, sun is supposed to be out tomorrow!! Fingers crossed xx

Goody said...

That's love that Toebee let you dress him up-most cats wouldn't stand for it!

Glad to hear you're doing well and keeping busy with new places to visit.