Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Historical Places and Hilarious times!!

Last week I was driving out to Wairere Nursery to buy a tree when I had a light bulb moment!!  I decided I would go past the Nursery and carry on to visit Woodlands Historical Homestead.  When I say Historical you will think super old but New Zealand is still a very young country. But it is old enough and worthy enough to be registered with NZ Historical Places Trust.  Worthy of a visit in my mind.

This is the picture on the leaflet you get at the Homestead outlining the history and what functions and events can be held at the function rooms.  The last time I visited this was years ago, the lads were only young boys then and we went with my parents.

In 1875 the Homestead was built as the managers residence for the estate, then  98,000 acres that was purchased at five shillings an acre.

As you enter through the front door your eye is drawn to the beautiful old Kauri Staircase, in fact according to my leaflet most of the house was made from Kauri.   

The day I visited the staff were packing up the decorations from the Christmas display, but apart from them I had the home to myself.  See the old organ in the corner?

The last time I was there my Dad pretended to play it much to the amusement of my boys.  He had such a good sense of humour and fun.

The wood paneling on the walls and ceiling in this room made it quite dark, but still very lovely. How small are my boys in that photo.  I love all the doors that lead outside to the garden.

From the sitting room you walk through to the little dining room.  I was quite taken with the tiny sewing machine on the mantle.

In the dining room these stairs led down to what I presume is a cellar. These photos are not my best work, I only had my little camera and the sun was doing it's very best to shine through.

The kitchen was adorable, well everything about this little Homestead was.  I could easily move in.

Who doesn't like an old claw footed bath!! 

Then it was upstairs to have a poke around up there.

On the wall there were framed hand made clothing as well as loads of old photos and the dead animal! 
This bedroom was so pretty, with beautiful views out the windows.  

By 1905 the Homestead block was only 2,400 acres as land was sold off over the years.  The young bride above is Irene Riddell, oh how this photo of her reminds me of my Nanas wedding photo.  How spectacular is her bouquet!!  The Homestead stayed in the Riddell family until 1988 when farm consultants and family representatives form a committee. Eventually the Homestead and surrounding 15 acres was accepted by the council for public use and is now administered by the Gordonton Woodlands Trust Board.

This bedroom was also beautiful.  I imagine this little girl running about upstairs.

So many gorgeous old treats to feast on, the clock was among some of my favourites.

A narrow hall led down to what is now called an Administration room. Seeing the Spinning Wheel made me think how this year I should dust mine off and start spinning again.

I was very tempted by the old suitcases!!
Wonder if they would have missed them?

This little bedroom with its slanted roof was too cute.  

Behind that tree is a shelf made from an old wrought iron bed end.

Then it was back down the stairs and outside to wander the garden.  First I walked under a Wisteria covered pergola.

No wonder Weddings are held out there, the gardens are perfect for those special photos. 

You can follow the gravel paths, cross wooden bridges and just enjoy being out in the sunshine and gardens.

What a glorious view of the Homestead from the Gazebo, a really nice spot to sit and rest a while from the sun, it was HOT!!

 Back over another bridge.

Even armed with this map I managed to get myself lost and end up in a STAFF ONLY area!

I think a fountain like that would be spectacular in my garden!!

I am so glad I visited the Homestead again, next time I will have lunch at the cafe which wasn't open. The cafe is the old cricket pavilion, far too cute.

I have been living in cotton dresses and this one is so tropical that I decided before I had even had breakfast and brushed my hair that I needed a floral wreath.  Of course I shared it.

Next thing it was the last day of 2017, so some Wave Envy was required for an evening out at Raglan.

And of course a stamp and garden message was required!!  I have a thing for Hydrangeas as you can see from my flowers.

(photo borrowed off the internet)
Our destination was a dinner date at the Raglan Harbour View Hotel. A 19th century Villa built in 1903.  Tow previous pubs had burned down on this site, the first was built in 1866, this is something I did not know.  The Hotel is also registered with the NZ Historical Places Trust. TOF and I met our friends at their home and walked down to the pub to meet our other friends.

Every New Years Eve Raglan has a Street Parade, which the crowd enjoyed.

There was even a Hog on a Hog, as in a large PIG on the back of a Harley motorbike, a total crowd pleaser was he with his goggles and all.

Grant, TOF and Murray - Me, Sharon and Diane.  Our Raglan crew.  Our table was just inside where the guys are and our meal was delicious. I had baked goats cheese on Ciabatta with NZ honey drizzled on it with flame grilled bacon with a side salad. YUMO!!! Pretty good for pub grub.

These labels were pasted over the top of the beer brands which I rather liked.  After dinner we slowly wandered back up the hill to our friends place.  A bit of drinking took place and some fireworks were let off.  Then we had a marathon game of Cards Against Humanity!!  The funniest game ever, somewhat filthy so you need to know your fellow players pretty well, hahahahahaha!!  We saw the New Year in watching a brilliant Firework Display from our friends deck, and finally headed home round 2:30am.  A late night for these old folk for sure, but a bloody good one.  I sure hope you enjoyed farwelling one year and welcoming in the new one.

Very good advise for 2018!!



Vix said...

Happy New Year, Sue!!
I loved The Homestead. What a gorgeous tour you took us on. Thank you.
You and your lovely Dad have the same smile! xxx

Nancy J said...

A beautiful Homestead. I have a memory of the organ my Mum had, similar, those old bedsteads, and a white bedspread, the treadle sewing machine ( I learnt to sew on one like that) and that wedding gown, how spectacular, and maybe hand sewn or on a treadle machine. I am so glad it has been kept open for the public, and a wedding there, that would be gloriously beautiful. hydrangeas, down south they are wilting in the DRY!!! Too hot here too, about 31C and over most days. Keep that hat on.Happy New Year.

Polyester Princess said...

What a stunning place Woodlands Historical Homestead is! Thank you for sharing, Sue! Happy New Year all the way from Belgium xxx

sallyhicks said...

That was a super tour Sue. I just loved the house. Glad you had fun at the pub and later.

Julie said...

I think I shall have to pay that old homestead a visit Sue. I actually have that very same miniature sewing machine that you have photographed. I bought mine from an antique shop. Love your floral dresses & your floral crown. We have been to a few Raglan street parades - they are always fun. Happy New Year to you Sue.

Mim said...

What a lovely old house! I can see why it's popular for weddings.

Cards Against Humanity is ace. My mum absolutely hates it, which makes it all the funnier.

Poppy Q said...

What a lovely homestead on a wonderful sunny day - thanks for all of the lovely photos Sue. I am sure you are getting some rain up there at the moment. At least it is a bit cooler at the moment.

chris azzopardi said...

Hi Sue, Happy New Year to you, what a beautiful homestead, they make me a little sad though, cause no one gets to live there anymore, no one calls it home, but at least the old girl gets looked after. Cute sewing machine. Those suitcases cost a fortune now, not to mention the old Gladstone bag on top.
Looks like you had a great time in Raglan, pub food has changed so much.
My son has the cards against humanity, but you should see the new game he got for Christmas from his brother, it is the original swearing card game, with a few choice words I don't really like hearing, but boys! what do you do with them?🙁 Take care Sue. Chris xoxo

Beth Waltz said...

Happy New Year, Sue! Thanks for sharing the tour of that beautiful old house that still feels homey and welcoming. It's a treat to see TOF actually smiling on camera -- and your hair is lovely!

Goody said...

Oh, I'd be perfectly at home in a place like the homestead-too bad I'm over a hundred years too late ;)