Friday, 26 January 2018

Now this is what I really call SUMMER!!!

OMG it has been soooooo HOT lately, today we even nudged our way up to 30* maybe even higher.  All I can say is thank goodness for desk fans, ceiling fans, and air con in cars and shops.  This has been the long hot summer everyone ordered, now peeps are complaining about it being too hot. Crikey, next thing we will be up to our armpits in Winter, so I for one are going to keep enjoying it.

The garden and all my pots are looking so colourful, and I have a daily routine with my watering can to maintain this look.

 So much glorious happy colour!!

I do not know the botanical name for this, I have always know it as a Climbing Lily.  Some bulbs were given to me by my Grandmother Lilian years ago and once a year she appears in my garden, forcing her way up through the Daphne.

Silly dogs lay panting in the heat!
I have consumed quite a bit of cooling and refreshing beer. 

Big knows that if he rests on the tea wagon he is under the ceiling fan!! 

Toebee goes from being cute and cuddly to KILLER CAT, well more like catch and play cat.  He has numerous places through the day to rest and keep cool.

I have lots of colourful Statice that I am hanging to dry.

I've been out in the country catching up with friends.

I bought this off Dawn, one of her latest creations.
You can burn a tea light or incense inside it.

Wearing cotton is a must, I added length and pom poms to my tropical dress as I prefer long when it comes to summer frocks.

We have had so much humidity that these guys have returned. 

TOF and I went to the movies to see Darkest Hour, my my what a good movie it was too.  We  were like real grown ups and went out for dinner after the movie. Next thing we will be going for Sunday Drives!!

So the bike on the left you will remember I bought off trade me.  Well the man listed the trike so I could not help myself. Such a little beauty too, but she will be more beautiful once she has had her tray planted.

I saw this awesome old Tandem bike on Trade Me, but alas it was way out of my budget and in the South Island.

The op shops are back open and full to the brim with opportunities!!  Between them and Trade Me I have been getting some good finds.

This trifecta of goodness was all from trade me.  The chairs were a bargain, in fact TOF and I reclined on them in the middle of the lawn late one hot night and watched the stars!!  Gorgeous cushions from a foreign country and Blueberry plants that are producing a handful of fruit a day, YUM!

When having a bit of a sort of things I rediscovered all the tins I covered in photos for Jak's 21st a couple of years ago.  This one has a favourite photo of us all so it holds all my Gel pens used for doodling even tho this only shows a few. 

Although I am back at work I am happily spending my afternoons in the garden which usually ends up being the evening when the flowers look so magical.  These photos were actually taken on my mobile phone.

This little assortment has made their way inside today to be enjoyed in the cool of the lounge where the ceiling fan has not stopped.




Nancy J said...

I think your lily might be " Gloriosa Lily" the bulbs are fragile if I remember. What a beauty. Way too hot down here, your garden looks so bright, and all else is doing well. The tandem trike, that is an oldie, and the little trike, I can remember one of our girls with one like that, maybe a red one!! Planted up, another goody in your garden.

Serenata said...

I for one also hope the summer will continue a fair bit longer least until the beginning of April! ;-) Not long and I will hopefully be over enjoying the fabulous weather you are having over there.

Some great photos and love the update. The trike is brilliant.

sallyhicks said...

That was a wonderful show of fabulous colour Sue. Loved everything. Big looks very long with his back leg stretched out and dear old Oscar choosing to sleep in the sun ! Of course Toebee wins the prize. Nothing like being a good mouser. I liked the look of the Stephen Fry books!

SAM said...

Oh the beauty of your New Zealand summers! The beauty of New Zealand period. I needed to see color this gray January Minnesota morning, so thank you.

Polyester Princess said...

In the middle of a mind-numbingly grey Winter, it is an absolute joy and such a welcome treat to read your colourful summery blog post! Your garden looks like a corner of paradise, and the planted up bicycle looks amazing. I'm also loving your pom pom added maxi! What a great idea! xxx

kiwikid said...

It is wonderful to see your garden and the beautifulflowering plants. Love that climbing lily.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Wow what lovely flowers! Love your summer frocks too. What a sweet photo of you and your young family.
We've just had 2 weeks of light frosts that killed all my marigolds- so I've planted all my spring annuals!

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks, Sue, for this delicious dose of vitamin-rich floral color! The climbing lilly is indeed special, what a wonderful legacy from your grandmother (from whom you inherited your green thumbs?)!

Shall be doing a cut-and-paste of your woman-in-muumuu-with-beer portrait: this is how I envision myself if I live long enough to retire! Tiki! I'm going full tiki even it means wearing tweed muumuus in January.

chris azzopardi said...

Hi Sue, if NZ gets any weather from over her in Aus then you have some more humid hot weather coming your way, 39 degrees today in Melbourne (yuck) not a fan of that humid stuff, your garden looks fabulous, that climbing lily is amazing. Stay cool Sue, love your frocks. Chris xoxo

Kiwionholidays said...

Lost this half way through Sue and comp shut down?? but love each and every pic, Well done you!! The way you added to one of the summer dresses and added the pom poms / Awesome ..

takes me back to when we had those on short crop tops,,, with skin tight hipster Jeans lol

Now they are only memories lol and cant fit them anyway nowadaze!!!!!!

but love the way you format your blog

with all gr8 pics and Whanau ones,, along the way!!!

Kiwionholidays said...

PS the bikes and trikes ,, Awesome,, Love the fact you add colour to them and enjoy!!!