Monday, 12 February 2018

Raglan and life in general!!

Ok because some of you wanted more on Raglan you are getting it!!  

Parked in the reserve on Cliff St I sat in the car and ate my lunch with the windows down and some of the locals for company!!  The got the crusts and the extra lettuce that got pulled from my sarnies.

Three of my favourite shops all on the way or on the wharf.  I have been in then so often that the owners have all presumed I live in Raglan!! 

My purchase is 'Baby Stan' pot from The Monster Company.  I have a mix of their stuff and Dawns at home now.

Standing outside the shop called Soul the view is up the harbour so I went for a wander as the tide was low.  The view back to the Blue painted shops on the Wharf is lovely.

I have not wandered along the edge of the harbour for years, not much sand, lots of rocks and stones, but still lovely.

Parked again in Cliff St but closer to town I wander along the path that leads to the bridge that takes you over the sea to the Camping Ground.  Believe it or not, but I have never done this before!!

I had a strong desire to walk on the sand and paddle in the ocean so off to the beach I went. Only taking photos and leaving my footprints!

Before I drove home I headed out to Manu Bay and then up high above the main beach to enjoy those glorious views.  With all my senses being satisfied with my coastal visit I treated myself to a coffee and some cake for my drive home.

Now for other stuff that has been happening:

Our youngest sons (wearing white shirt in right hand photo) girlfriend (wearing white in left hand photo) turned 21 so we all attended her birthday bash in town. Our eldest son and his girlfriend came with me and TOF (couple in front in right hand  photo) pretty sure you can see me and TOF.  It was a pretty nice night out, and so cool to have us all together!!

How pretty are Purple Asters?

I saved this baby from being a play date with Toebee! 

I have this very cool basket woven out of old plastic strapping that a certain young cat took a fancy to. I love how it is made from recycled plastic.

Darling Old Biggles Mc Big Cat aka BIG
is very much cruising his way through life.

Oscar my little old man was feeling the cold the other day when it was raining so he made himself a nest in my blanket.

Sheba is always on the go and always has a ball or toy to play with,
so no wonder she is zonked out at night time.

And of course there is Spunk muffin himself,
If he gets any cuter he will get arrested! 

There have been daily gatherings from the garden 
be it produce,or flowers,all is gratefully received. 

I was given 3 kilos of Tomatoes
so they got made into SAUCE!

I read an entire book the other day
as it was raining
and TOF was out fishing!

The hunter and gatherer on board the boat
showing off one off his catches.

All my Parked  rides are now Parked and Thrive!!

I have made a new garden and immediately had to CHICKEN PROOF it as the girls were eyeing it all up.

Maybe later in the week I will take you on my walk in the Hamilton Gardens in the RAIN!!  So beautiful and so colourful.  

But before I sign off and head to bed,
check out some new looks I am trialing.



***Good night***



Polyester Princess said...

Raglan is absolutely stunning and now I know what you bought! I'm loving the Baby Stan pot! I'm drooling over your garden photos, it really looks like paradise and so inviting. Thanks for this slice of Summer, Sue! xxx

Nancy J said...

Some rain and suddenly those flowers, leaves and trees all seem so much brighter. Garden goodies, either home grown or given they are so welcome, and always SO much tastier than what is in the shops.

sallyhicks said...

Just loved your blog Sue. But in the end it always comes down to those heart throb favourites of mine. Dear old Big, Sweet little Oscar and of course adorable Toes. You are soooo lucky.Give them kisses and hugs from ooo.

chris azzopardi said...

Hi Sue, Raglan looks beautiful, your baby stan pot looks like a few dolls I have made:-) The Asters are gorgeous, I love anything purple. Your animals all look happy and content, you must spoil them rotten. Oh blackberries yum, not into that rocket stuff lol. Your garden looks fabulous and you must keep that cat hat, its so you and the queen of heats one for sure. Take care Sue. Chris xoxo

Bibi Maizoon said...

Wow! By the sea by the sea by the beautiful sea!
Your garden looks lovely.
Your fur babies are so adorable.
Thank you for sharing your summer with us!

Kiwionholidays said...

What a fabulous happy post of all thats been going on

Lovin all the pics . Where we are today is like a sauna lol so will pop

back and spend more time commenting very late tomorrow night.

Awesome ,,,that you share all this with us,, while we are away as you can see by the identity

Vix said...

Cute pets, blooming lovely flowers and a happy family. So much joy in your photos, Sue! xxx

kiwikid said...

Wonderful to have a family photo all together. Thanks for the visit to Raglan, your garden is stunning and the animals all very cute especially Toebee, he is one handsome cat. ToF did well fishing.

Natural Medley said...

Loving that quote from the deep Heath Ledger. Your weekly sum up and tour if Raglan gave me a lovely New Zealand boost.
And yes, I am happy thankyou! Xo Jazzy Jack

Goody said...

That fish was TOF's second best catch...YOU were the first ;)

Beth Waltz said...

At the end of the day, especially at the end of The Day, what matters is family, friends, furbabies and food shared with them in a happy place. (Not omitting, of course, the entertainment which is hens in the garden.)