Sunday, 29 July 2018

Week 30/52 - Day tripping in the rain.

As in going out of town not out of my head!!! 
But you knew that right?!?!?!

My mid week trip out to the Airport was one covered in FOG.  In fact so much fog that no planes were flying in or out.  The left photo was taken in the upstairs lounge where you can normal watch the comings and goings of the planes.  The right photo was taken out the front window of the work van while I was waiting at the intersection. It was a Pea Soup kinda day for sure.

On a dull old day I drove through to Morrinsville to check out the Charity Shops and take my son and his girlfriend out for lunch.

This one, Everybody's Shop, is hard to find if you have never been there before but now that I know where it is, it is a must to call in to.  I found the large Trug and the beautiful old book in the photo below.

The gorgeous Doily was found in the Hospice Shop,
I love the Butterfly.   
It was the pictures inside 'Alice in Wonderland' 
that lured me into this purchase.

The tiny vase was $1 @ the Hospice shop and perfect for my Daphne.  Oh look, another old basket, found @ the Salvation Army across the road from me.

Three of the five Grand-furchildren. Stella, Luna and Kea.  The other cat and rabbit were busy.  We, not the furries, went to The Crazee Cow Cafe and had lunch outside as it wasn't raining!!  Fabulous food too.

On my way out of Morrinsville I stopped to have a look in Hidden Treasures.  A shop full of, well, hidden treasure!!!  The odd purchase has been made here and they also make very nice coffee.

No spending happened that day tho'.

I am pretty sure that the pets around here just SLEEP all day @ the moment.

Even in his slumber Big was my fridge magnet model,

So I did!!

And I made patterns with my clothes pegs while having lunch on the deck seen as Toebee wouldn't accommodate me and wake up! 

Saturday TOF and I drove up State Highway 1 to Auckland to visit his mother. She had been back in hospital after having a fall at home.  But after x-rays and some bed rest she was sent home with a concoction of drugs. The worst part about parents getting older is the health part. Lucky for us she has a positive attitude and fully intends to be back out and about asap!! 

Heading homeward we found ourselves chasing a RAINBOW!

We managed to get out in the garden this morning and fill our garden bin that is being emptied tomorrow.  Not long after we had finished it tipped down and continued to rain off and on all day. I rescued the little daffodils from the rain to enjoy them inside. I keep telling myself everyday, SUMMER is getting closer!

But until then we will enjoy outside when we can and try and get a spot in front of the heater if there is one. GOOD LUCK with that when you have pets.



chris. said...

wow that Hidden treasures place looks like a cool place to visit, love all the stuff you got at the charity shops, wow Hamilton never had an airport when I lived there. Best thing to do in that cold weather is to sleep, hope I can come back as a cat :-) stay warm Sue. Chris xoxoxo.

Nancy J said...

Op Shops have such goodies,and in our local one I can always find at least one to take home. Daffs, we have some King Alfred out at the far side of the front lawn.

Poppy Q said...

It looks like you had a great week Sue. Even though the heaters are on, we have had a couple of nice sunny days lately, and I am sure that there were some Tuis buzzing about today. It feels like spring might be a bit early this year.

Julie Q

Polyester Princess said...

You can send some of your rain over here, I'll gladly take it off your hands! Love the doily, trug and basket, and I wouldn't mind a rummage at Hidden Treasures! xxx

Vix said...

Hidden Treasures looks like a right old treasure trove.
Loving the baskets and all the pets. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Great finds, Sue, especially that beautiful Alice! I loathe the garish cartoons that pass for illustrations in many children's books, so I hunt out treasures such as this Alice to give as birthday books to young relatives. My grand-niece would adore that white rabbit!