Sunday, 15 July 2018

What made me happy this week - 28/52

A drive out to the coast made me more than happy!

With a tank full of fuel and all my chores done I took a drive out to Raglan as I was in need of some coastal air.

I sat in the car up on the hill overlooking Manu Bay and enjoyed a hot coffee and a salad sandwich. I am not a huge fan of bread so most of that got fed to the bird life.

It was one of those light drizzle rainy days but that will never stop me from enjoying a day on the coast.  The tide was low so huge rock pools were everywhere and the sea gulls were floating effortlessly in the sky.

When the sun attempted to poke through the grey the light changed on the sea, the breeze was light like the rain, in fact it was rather mild in temperature.

At the far end of Manu Bay I wandered round the boat ramp.  Raglans Loch Ness was playing in the water.  More large rocks and drift wood and nothing but the peaceful sounds of the ocean moving.

I love my alone time at the beach just breathing in the air and wrapping myself in being there with all the raw natural beauty that is the west coast.

Every time I drive past this Bus Shelter I admire it's position. There it sits on the windy road  out to the bays.  To the left is the ocean and I imagine sitting waiting for a bus thinking maybe I should just stay at the beach.

With a low tide rocks were exposed on the sand leaving patterns scattered like art.  Who said Black Sand wasn't beautiful?

Fences that reflected in puddles, and weeds that grow tall, the bliss of being in Raglan on a grey misty day kept on appearing in my view.

A colourful and rather grumpy looking fish got hooked by me @ Monster from her seconds shelf, and two more Tony Sly plates were found on his seconds shelves.  Remember this non perfect person prefers the not so perfect pottery.

A visit to the very talented Sandra back in Hamilton from 'Go Hell for Leather' found me purchasing one of her very beautiful hand crafted cow hide bags.  Support your Artistic friends!!

With a lack of colourful flowers in my garden I settled on a collection of leaves.  I remember when I was in my last year of school how my large English Lit book was full of pressed flowers and leaves.  Good use of such a large book for sure!  

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Julie said...

Gorgeous Sue .. I agree, Raglan is wonderful even on a misty wet day. It just has something special about it. Happy New Week to you Sue.

Polyester Princess said...

I drive out to the coast always makes me happy, although your coast is much more spectacular than ours. Love your photos, which are a cool oasis on this hottest of summer days. Thank you for sharing! xxx

Natural Medley said...

Lucky you to be so close to such beauty. I would be there all the time too!
I love the fence reflection.
xo Jazzy Jack

chris. said...

yes wonderful Raglan always looks good in your pics, love the fish to, have a great week. Chris xoxo

Nancy J said...

Salty air and the sound of water, all so refreshing. Leaves are so full of colour, and the rainbow fish, a trophy!!

sallyhicks said...

What a beautiful day out you had. I could almost smell the sea air when looking at those lovely photos. I hardly eat bread either! But a picnic lunch is a lovely thing. My daffodils are all coming out now. It felt like a warm spring day here today. 🤗

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks for the misty day at Ragland! Is the Nessie a cormorant? Or a loon? I know very little about water birds, being a dweller in cornfields.

The leaves are exquisite, Sue. Quite as nice as flowers any day!

Kiwionholidays said...

Awesome post and pics as usual .. Looking forward to the next one about life there in the Waikato .

Such a gr8 read...

Take care all of you there...