Sunday, 5 August 2018

Week 31/52 - Getting Creative and having so much fun.

A the beginning of the week I headed on out to the country Estate of Sue W, well her lovely little plot in Karakariki.  We had decided to have a bit of a craft day as things seen on Pinterest and other such sites had us inspired to get going with needle and thread.  Also we both have incredible stash of things from our Op Shopping excursions to play with.

Me and Bint with our printed bit of inspiration!!

Making use of all her wool scraps from past crafting sessions she has had, and my shapes planned, cut and ready to be stitched.

While Sue was down stairs creating a gourmet treat for lunch I swanned about on her large deck enjoying the sunshine, the peacefulness and the views. 

Trendy Wendys were being put together and a very nice coffee in that gorgeous new kitchen of hers.  We devoured our food and downed coffee, chatted and then headed back up stairs to get busy.

My first stitching was this and just as I had stitched stuffed and admired it TOF phoned saying "where are you".  OMG it was after 4pm!!  So I packed my bits and bobs and arranged to return at the end of the week for some more stitching.

There was a quick stop to have a quick hello to this mother horse and her babies.  Mum rather enjoyed the scratch between her ears that I gave her.

Oh my it was a stunning day to be out in the country.

After work one afternoon I managed to get to a couple of my favourite Op Shops. I was so happy to find the above set as it reminded me of a similar one my grandmother Lil had.  She used to let me have my lunch on it when I was a child. Such a bargain at only $6 and in perfect condition.

With arty fartyness being a happening thing I found all sorts of crafting treats. The doilies are actually going to be pockets on a coat I have been making for EVER!!!  Maybe this year it will get finished.

These were only $1 each, brand new and who knows one day I may well be inspired to go big with a project. Oh and I very much like the idea of a 'Raw Edge'.

On my way to the Airport each week I drive past these beautiful lads.  This week I stopped to say 'Hi'. They ran to greet me so obviously they were pleased to see me too.

During the week I stitched,
embellished and stuffed an Owl....

...a Bird.... 

...and a Heart.

Then back out to Sues for Muffins 
and more stitcherooooooooing!!!

I made a Butterfly!

I had to leave early as I had a Dinner Date with my Raglan Ladies and some others and a Show to go to.  What a fantastic night it was too.  From the 1st to the 11th of August in Hamilton it is 'Toi Wahine' A Festival of Women. So us women went and saw The Lady Killers.  Three fabulous kiwi ladies that can't half belt out a bloody good song or 20. The Harmonies were special, likewise the humour. Oh and we met them all after the show, one thought she knew me and came flying towards me and flung her arms around me. I played along with it, then confessed. No harm, lots of laughs all round!!

Next thing it was the Weekend again!  TOF and I met Max and his girlfriend Toni and their two dogs @ The Keg Room, with our two dogs.  They were hosting a weekend fundraising event for the SPCA where you could take your dogs along for an outing.  We shared a platter of yummy food while the dogs had SPCA Cup cakes and other doggie treats on the menu.

Stella (Max's) our girl Sheba, Kia (Toni's) and our wee man Oscar.  They all behaved perfectly, just like the owners adorable two year old Chocolate Lab called Malt.

The weather fell apart AGAIN and RAINED so this meant the rest of the weekend was destined to be an indoor affair.  I finished my stitching, embellishing and stuffing.  Now it is proudly hanging on a wall in my spare bedroom, safe from that young extra Toe Cat that would presume I had made him a new toy.  YEAH NAH!!!

I found this bit of Inspiration in a very cool Danish Magazine:

Like some Needle and Thread
for me!




Nancy J said...

Some rain down here, the country views are always so inviting, and lovely craft work. Op shops have the best things a gal can want, ours here always intrigues, and I can see why they are so popular everywhere.

Polyester Princess said...

Oh my, you have been busy, and very creative. Love the tea set and the doilies to be used as pockets, which are a delightful idea! xxx

Julie said...

Well needle & thread certainly does it for me Sue!! I must confess crafting has gotten me through some of the very darkest times of my life. I love your handcrafted wallhanging ... it looks amazing. Sues new kitchen looks pretty amazing too!! Your new cup/saucer is called a "tennis plate or tennis set". I have a couple myself that belonged to the Mr ... well his Mum I should say.

Leeanne said...

The two Sue's in crafty action! Well done. You and Julie both find the most lovely little embroidered doliey's. The tea cup & sauce IS a treat and a bargain!

Mim said...

Great opship finds there, and some lovely makes too. Thank you for sharing your lovely time with your friend.

Hidden Magnolias said...

Love the craft project -- so cute and festive.
and the cows -- great!!

chris. said...

Oh nothing better than a crafting day with a bud, oh I love her oven, would like one of those. I nearly called it quits on my crafting Sue, but then thought am I crazy, so I'm still plodding along making junk journals. Can never find anything good like that at the op shops over here, all the hipsters are taking it all, have a great week, we have a cold raining/windy day here, so hope it isn't heading your way. Chris xoxoxo.

Beth Waltz said...

Doilies as pockets?! Now I'm wondering if that innovation would work with vintage handkerchiefs, the sort one used to give one's grandmother for her birthday.

The cup and cookie set is so pretty! I can remember ladies using those to serve refreshments at home committee meetings (where one wore a hat, gloves and pearls). I wanted to borrow my mum's for a meeting with my dolls.

Goody said...

Looks like another great week! Loving all your arty/crafty projects.