Sunday, 5 February 2012

An afternoon in the country

Yesterday I told you how TOF went fishing, well he was the successful hunter and gatherer for his family and he made sure he told us all.  He smoked about 3 Kawhai today, all the lads (lodgers and friends) ate one, we gave one to Sue and Joe W, and we took the other one out to friends of ours in the country.

I quite like the country roads that wind their way through hills and over streams.  Always seem so peaceful out in the country.  And so much to look at out the window, and photograph.

Our friends live at a place called Karamu which is just before Te Pahu.  Really nice little farming communities.  It is a dream of ours to have a little slice of heaven in the country one day, and I want to move an old unused church on to the land and transform it into a wee home for us and our pets.  I have found two I like but unfortunately they are both still in service.  STINK!!  May need to start buying the Lotto I think.

When we get close to Gary and Roz's place our two dogs start to whine as they know only too well the big Gus will be waiting for them.

Gus is a beautiful big red Labrador who is only still quite young so full of energy and ready for a good old play.

All the running about leads to a hearty thirst.  Why drink from a bowl when you can quench your thirst from a bird bath??

This is one of the fabulous views from the deck.  So green and lush, they have a gully part with native planting.  So New Zealand, with Pungas, Totara, Kauri, and lots of other lovelies.  They have planted alot of stuff amongst the pines and it is truly majestic.

This is an end on view of their fab house showing the huge deck and gardens.  Roz had lovely stone paths put in and she has lovely pockets of planting all round the house.

We took the dogs for a wander around their little acreage up hill and down dale.  The dogs just run and run while I struggled along in my inappropriate foot wear, jandels and a Maxi dress that was mainly white. Great choice for paddocks full of long grass, cow pats and dogs running flat nac towards me.

The bigs dogs race off together while wee Oscar bounces through the grass!!

Gus, Sheba and Oscar.

TOF and his dogs!!

Found this little nest and hatched egg on the ground so put it up on a fence post.

The cows watched us and we watched them.  But I bet they were not thinking what we were thinking!!!

On the drive home I happened to look in the back seat of our car and our passengers were a little wiped out!!

Lots of old barns just waiting to have their photo taken!!

Always nice to know how far it is to home!!

Obviously had been a good day out at Raglan for fishing as we saw loads of boats heading back to town.  TOF would love to buy another boat but  am not so sure.  Half his crew has left home and the other half is busy with sports and socialising, and I just don't have sea legs.  Plus there is no loo on a small boat and a bucket with a lid, just isn't doing it for me.

TOF stayed behind this one for a wee while and I swear he was drooling!! Anyway, great summer afternoon out in the country and we had fresh Snapper and Gurnard for our dinner.  So no complaints here.   May be heading to Raglan tomorrow as TOF and Jak are going for a surf.  I am thinking shops, photography and reading in the sun.  Shall share if I go.  Might even take my big zoom lense and catch them hanging 10 on their boards or nose diving into the waves!!!

Good night all.
x x x x x

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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Ya can always hang yer arse over the side! A bot of burley for da fishes! :D