Monday, 6 February 2012

that whole other story...

On monday my Max and Sue Ws Michael moved into our garage.  They are both in between flats and I suggested the garage.  TOF originally thought I should sacrifice my sewing room for Max!!  Like, NO WAY!!  My theory was if I made him too comfortable he would never go.  I love him dearly but strongly believe in my boys growing up and experiencing life.  Flatting is essential!!  So my car is in the driveway until next weekend when these lads then shift into a house around the corner from here.

Michael on his bed with the new room mate Tex who thinks this is his new house.  If the door is open in he goes.  Only comes out for food and potty time!!

I joked with the boys about pushing their beds together!!  Trust me it is a man cave, and this photo makes it look nice.

Last week I made them their lunches at night, SOFT I know but I want to know they are eating seen as they are doing long days at work.  I slipped a fairy serviette into both the lunch boxes.  What shall I do this week??

So this time next weekend normality will be back in full force around here.

Just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear old friend Dot who was 96 today!!!!  I went to the old folks home that she is at and she was tickled pink to see me.  She is a dear lady, and I spent many a time drinking tea and listening to her tales, while looking through her photo albums.


Vix said...

Brilliant! Don't make Max too comfy or you'll be stuck with him for another 20 years.
Happy birthday to Dot! x

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Could ya hose that boy of mine down! Needs a bloody good scrub! lol I would so loved to see their faces when they saw the serviettes! lol!
PS I don't think I ever made his sandwiches for him once he turned 7! Don't make him too comfy! :D

Lea White said...

LOL - love the fairy serviette! How did that go down?

BTW I tagged you -