Friday, 24 February 2012

Flying Solo..

Today was SuesDay but half of the team couldn't come in to town today to play.  So it was a solo mission for me and I think I did quite well.  Actually, woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  Went to work, looked at my empty desk and said to my boss "might take the day off and see you on Monday" to which he replied "fill your boots up", or words to that effect, probably more like,  "sure that's fine".  But I like my version so much more.  So what is a girl to do on a nice day but take in a few of her favourite shops. 

 My scores today are as follows:

Black Colorado sandals for $7 almost new

Brick red Hush Puppies for $5, had the sale price sticker of $119 on the sole still.

Poodle brooch that I would like to send to a certain gorgeous blogger in England who loves poodles!! Need an address!!

Indian beaded star for my Xmas tree for .50c

All these bags were only $3 each.

Pale pink soft leather bag by Hermes

Lime green bag by Colorado

Rich brown leather bag by Landmark of Australia

This looks better on and was $12 from a recycle boutique but it is a gorgeous colour and  I just had to have it.

I love this, it is a size 10!!!!    What a farking joke that is and a big insult to someone that small.  Has ruffles at the hem, and made of a light stretchy fabric.  Might stitch the size on the outside!!  $6

Light weight knit fabric with ruffle at the hem, only $3.

But I save the best for last...

....Saw this ring the other week and decided if it was still in the shop this week then I was meant to have it.  $15

So even tho' my co-pilot was not on board today I had quite a fine old time doin' it by myself, because as we all know,

"sisters are doin' it for themselves"

Have a happy weekend
x x ♥ x x


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Great finds! Well done :D

Helga! said...

Babes!!! What amazing scores!
I'm especially wetting myself over the shoes and the ring....and that poodle brooch!! OMG! that is SO splendidly fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the bling!!