Sunday, 26 February 2012

Things I love....

 Where the hell did that weekend get to!!!

Saturday was so lovely that I ended up going with Sue W to watch her son play rugby.  TOF and my Jak came later on and my Max turned up as well.  We off course where there en mass to give our support and have the odd snigger as at times all we could see were Michael s bright yellow footy boots at the bottom of a ruck, well I think that's what its called, to me its just a pile of big sweaty blokes on the ground.

 Jak, TOF Max and Me in full support mode!!  Yep backs turned to the field paying no attention what so ever to the game.

So that group of blokes above is one thing I love.  But some other things I love are as follows.  I have a bad habit of saving pics of things I love.  Kind of like a wish list.  Even when I was younger I would have a scrap book full of things I had cut out and pasted into it of things I LOVED!!  Found the scrap books in my mothers attic a couple of years ago.  Talk about laugh!!  Should have seen the fashion, and the so called what I thought was HOT guys back then.  Oh to be a teenager again.  Anyway, some of my things I LOVE now.

Gorgeous Bali jacket with embroidery and big 3D flowers on it.

The best wing back chair ever!!! Totally loving the colour!!

Colourful Chandelier, have found some baby ones in a very cool shop out at Raglan.  Not sure if TOF would let me hang that in our bedroom tho'.

The coolest set of drawers I have ever seen, just wish my dad was still alive because he would have found a way to make these for me.  Miss you dad!!

I love all of these so much that I have this one here.  But the others are so gorgeous also.  What a talented knitter this person is and these just sell like hotcakes!!!

The very latest Tui gnome!!!

Well that's some of my things I love.

Hope you all had all great weekend and are all ready for another enthralling week at work or whatever it is that you have to do for the next 5 days.


Vix said...

That's my chandelier!
Jon wasn't too keen at first but I soon made him see sense. x

Anonymous said...

I love your list!! That dresser is out of this world.

Helga! said...

Tha chair and chandelier (yes,same as Vix's!!) rock my world!!! We're thinking of one of those chandeliers in our loungeroom!
I still keep scrapbooks,have done since my teens!Yep,some of what I was into then does amuse me now,I must say!
Rugger! Grown men chasing their balls around;it's hard ot take it seriously,but I do enjoy it from time to time!!

lucia m said...

love it!!!