Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Has it really been a week.....

Crickey a whole week has gone, disappeared into a big black hole!!  So much must have happened but I can only share what I can remember!!  I get brain fade!!

One thing I do remember is my thing for buying chairs of late off Trade Me.  TOF has informed me this must stop as we have no more room (we have lodgers in the garage, but that is a whole other story).  My first good score was a wicked Parker Knoll chair that was on TM for starting bid of $36 and buy now for $40.  I love buy nows especially when they are sweet fanny more than the starting bid.  So WHAMO I hit the buy now and then made a journey last sunday, well not last sunday actually but the one before out to Raglan.  Even managed to go into Glamour a cool shop out there.  Great drive in the rain and only wished I had bought both as the chair is farking great.  Pretty dam comfy as my beloved Tex has discovered.

Nice isn't it.  Didn't even know what a Parker Knoll was until pommy Sue said theys from England!!  
So my next chair which has to be the ultimate bargin or a complete cock up on the traders behalf, is the following one.  $1 buy now!!!  Are you crazy, I must have it.
Oscar thinks its ok but he is licking his lips at the scantily clad girl on the wall.  This chair has ended up in TOFs man cave.  He got full custody of the man cave when Max went flatting.  It was looking like a pending court battle for custody as Max's flatting situation all of a sudden wasn't working out, but that a whole other story.

Now speaking of TOF he is having bird trouble in the garden.  Feathered jobbies in the sacred vege garden.  Plus dog and cat trouble so we went to Bunnings, I can hear you all going "Lucky You",  to get netting and things and got talking to an old timer who suggest hanging old CDs of tin foil to scare the birds away.

Tin foil on rope swinging in the breeze over the baby corn crop and fully netted off.

Think we may have to upgrade to CDs, but whose???  Better hide mine fast!!

I have hung more tin foil around other parts of the garden to scare of the bloody birds because my blackberries are just about to do their thing.

Maybe I need to take my hanging basket of cascading Lobelia or as TOF calls it cascading Lobedia out of the bird bath so the birds can swim!!  The bird bath was on my bosses trailer heading to the dump and he said if I wanted it to just take it.  Its not one of those concrete ones it is pottery.  Rich folk huh!!! Gotta love them!!  But my hanging basket is surviving alot better there than in the tree I had it hanging in.

Well the garden is thriving, the birds are thriving thanks to TOFs tomatoes, and my girls have got the laying off eggs mastered.  Even Cassie my bantam is sneaking out a regular salad egg or two.  Her one is the smaller one on the plate.  Imaging having to birth an egg everyday.  No wonder they make a big old fuss when they have done it!!!  I always thank them for their efforts.

I will blog as I remember what else happened, and fill you in on the whole other story!!


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Another cool chair! Noice! Remember the books called 'Flowers in the attic'? Well you got Teenagers in the garage!' haha. Thanks for tea yesterday and for allowing my lad to be a squatter in yer garage.

loulou said...

poor TOF - ravaged tomatoes and an uncertain manspace.

nice chair work. i specially like the posh pommy one.

flowers in the attic - i remember those - just hope that ain't going on in your garage!

Vix said...

Parker Knoll? Very posh! That'll last you a life time (can't you tell one of my mates works in the furniture trade?)
One of our neighbours hangs those CDs and DVDs you get free in sunday papers in her garden to scare off the birds.
Have a great weekend. x