Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My very good friend Dawn the arty farty one invited me out to her place in the country today.  Her and her TOF have bought a business, Bouncy Castles.  And yes I got to have a bounce in one of them!!!  They set them all up on their front lawn and invited their neighbours kids and their own grandies and others for a photo shoot by me.  Loads taken for their website but this is one of all of them for you to see.

Dawn, me, and her tiny little grand daughter Paige went in the Dog one.  You seriously feel slightly pissed as you try to walk around inside them.  No wonder kids have fun. 

This is sweet little Paige the fairy.

Also Dawn had unloaded her kiln yesterday so her latest creations are complete.  I love her art work and usually I get the rejected ones which end up in my garden.  I take photos for her and she  pays me in rejects!!!

The Church is divine to say the least, but the caravan is so quirky.  She does quirky so well.
By the way this is Hermanie, Dawns new goat that arrived this morning.  I spoke a bit of goat to her and she told me she was trippin' balls with all those big colourful things on the lawn, but I told her it was cool where she was and tomorrow she could munch on that lawn till her hearts content!!


Helga! said...

You speak goat?! No wonder I like you!!!
I have always wanted to frolic in a bouncy castle, and tried to hire one for one of my birthdays once, but they wouldn't hire it out for adults!Poo.

Helga! said...

Ha,Peter Frampton's live album was your first album?! Ha,funny that!
Jeez,seeing Bob Marley sounds pretty good,getting down with the rasta mon!You young innocent thing you,it must have stunk of weed in there!XXX