Thursday, 9 February 2012

A little arty farty.....

Having spent yesterday laying about feeling sorry for myself coz I was sick, (better now) I got the urge to get creative today.  Awesome hot day but too hot for me outside so decided to get my beads and things and make something.

I got this string of colourful skull beads of a bead place that sells on trade me.  Having liked the skull jewelery that the gorgeous Helga wears I felt the urge to make something for myself.  So this is my bits.

My necklace, bright and chunky on black chain.  I think I should call this the "Day of the Dead" necklace.   Maybe not for my nieces wedding tho'.  Have been making another wildly bright flower one but ran out of beads, dam, back to Spotlight again I fear!!  Luckily Sue W will be in tomorrow to save me from straying off the task at hand.  You hear that Sue, you are to SAVE ME!!!!

I am so stoked with how these earrings turned out.  I just don't like the hooks but the black ones weren't available so substituted for dull silver.  But not happy so they shall be replaced when the blackies are back in stock.  The should be called "Helga" earrings (Helga Von Trollop)!!!

These are the flower earrings that go with the necklace I am still making.  Think this will debut at the a fore mentioned wedding. These could be the "Sarah" earrings (Misfits Vintage.)  The necklace is looking great but I want more on it, I want it full and out there!!  You will have to wait for that one tho'.

Speaking of Helga and Sarah, I have been gathering lots of flowers to make a head band or two.  I got these plaited hair looking ones the same kinda colour as my own hair.  I have been totally blown away with what these two gorgeous ladies put in their hair and all the fabularse ones that Sarah has been making.  So that is my next project.

Last year before the world of blogging I made a headband and I was pretty happy with the result until I saw what others were creating.

So bridesmaid isn't it.  I obviously still had my headband making trainer wheels still on!! So look out now with all my lovely flowers.  Thinking super glue not a hot glue gun.  Me and the glue gun just don't work well together.  A bit like my iron!!!



Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

OOhh yer clever thing! Yes a trip to Spotlight is definately in order tomorrow! I will also show you how to do links on your blog so that when you refer to someone the reader will be able to go to their blog! Clear as mud?? It will all become clear tomorrow :D I was making a tea cost today, it's cute but some design flaws, easily remedied though.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love these! So colorful and funky! You should send Helga a pair; I'm sure she would get a kick out of it. =)

Vix said...

What brilliant creations! I have a Helga necklace, too. Krista made it for me and put a Ganesh pendant in the middle to Indian it up.
You look so cute with that floral headband, you'll have to hold SueStock so you can rock it on a daily basis.
Hope you feel better soon! xxx

loulou said...

i freakin' LOVE those skulls! you clever!!! xxx