Tuesday, 13 March 2012

daylight saving.........

.....a face book friend reminded me today how daylight saving in our darling wee country is nearing at an end.  This can only mean winter truly is on its way.  So to do my bit to save some daylight I went  out side with my biggest jar and got some of it!!

So if you feel the urge to follow suit and save some daylight then all is not lost and we will have collectively done our bit!!

TOF was rather relieved when Sue W turned up and we decided to have an impromptu SuesDay.  But the walk will now be tomorrow, it is a photo op just waiting so tomorrow WE WALK TOF!!!

As us gals were about to leave a parcel arrived for me in the mail:

Oh my oh my, my new sunnies!!!

How convenient, I was wearing black and white with a splash of red!!!!

So hopefully you have gone to save some Daylight!!

♥♥  Toodles All ♥♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I'll save some tomorrow!! :D

Vix said...

Those glasses are freaking fabulous! Hope you get lots of lovely sunshine so you can wear them constantly! x

Anonymous said...

Those glasses are so cool!!