Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Out walking with TOF and the dogs....

...I finished work pretty early today so when I got home TOF said "lets go"!!!  He meant for the walk we were going to do yesterday.  So we grabbed the dogs and their leads and my camera and off we went.  The Arboretum we went to is probably only 5 minutes at the most from the edge of the city, so a nice easy drive to the most tranquil little spot ever.

When we parked the car we were greeted by numerous Chickens and Rooster, in various sizes and the most amazing array of colours.  They are everywhere when you are walking through the Arboretum on the paths.  They come out of the bush to check up on who has come for a walk and probably looking for a cheeky feed.  Ultra friendly or plain nosy not sure which??

TOF led the way with Sheba to start with but ended up with Oscar as well due to me clicking away merrily with my camera.  There are so many beautiful Native trees and colourful undergrowth.  I was clicking away like a tourist on a time limit!!

The gravel path weaves it way around gorgeous tall trees, over bridges and under canopies of foliage.  The sound of trillions of cicadas singing their hearts out was the only sound.  Apart from the Fowls when the raced clucking and crowing out to greet us!! There are wooden park benches under trees for rest spots and lovely wooden picnic areas under gazebo type shelters where you can tuck into your snacks or get up close and personal with your someone special.  TOF patted the dogs!!  True romantic my TOF!!

The leaves are starting to fall so they crunch under your feet as you walk along the path.  I guess next month the colours will be all different and worthy of another visit with my camera.

Even the bark on the trees is gorgeous and peeling away.   But speaking of gorgeous here is TOF and the dogs!!

I rather like the way the sunlight sneaks through between the trees.  There are ponds so plenty of quackers.   Rather pleased that our dogs weren't even slightly interested in any of the wild life.  Must be because we have the girls at home.  So they behaved impeccably.  Apart from a cheeky poo each but it wasn't on the track so no harm done there.

Nearing the end of our walk and there was the last little bridge crossing a pond.  I laughed when we came round a corner to what can only be Hamilton's answer to the famous Stonehenge!!!  We sure know how to do things here in the Tron by golly!!

Just to prove I truly was there TOF snapped me and the Oscar dog relaxing in the car park.  Nice and colourful, wouldn't want to go missing on a bush walk now would we??!!  No tracksuit and trainers for this girl!!  And oh so colour co-ordinated!!

Driving home Oscar wanted to be first!!!

I half expected him to take off as he started to impersonate Dumbo at one stage!!

Home for lunch and a rather relaxing afternoon.  It was a pleasant way to spend time with TOF who feels he has ticked another item off his bucket list.  This just means he won't do this again, his way of getting out of repeating something.  But for such good behavior he is being rewarded with a fishing trip tomorrow.  Looking forward to some fresh fish for our dinner tomorrow night!!

♥ Have a lovely evening all ♥


2 Tramps said...

Truly a world away - we are dealing with ice and snow - you are taking a walk in the park! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Vix said...

Bless those little fluffy ears blowing in the breeze!
You look way better than any dog walker I ever see. We have an arboretum in town but it's nothing like yours, substitute the chickens for teenagers off their heads on alcopops and take away all the exotic shrubs and it still doesn't look that lovely! x