Sunday, 11 March 2012

In and from the garden......

Yesterday TOF was up the peach tree again and then he got carried away pulling out his beetroot and doing a bit of weeding.  The girls decided they should join in and help.  He is so patient with them all as the scratch about right under his nose.

This is only three of the girls, the most nosiest of the flock. (Iggy Poop, Lily and Brucette).  I guess that's what you would call a group of chickens, a flock?  Not sure if that corn is going to turn into corn with the way the weather is.

Even Oscar thought TOF needed a hand, I think he was dealing to the chicken shit that was being left behind.  Nice!!

We have six and a half chickens.  The first three we got two years ago, Barred Rock, the black and white ones.  They came with a Bantam.  These ones were named after TOF and my grandmas.  So they are Ada, Lily (my grannies)  Aggie and Cassie (TOFs grannies).

This is Aggie and Ada heading round the corner to chill out......

And below is Cassie, she makes up the half out of the six and a half.  She is the clucky one, she gathers and sits on everyone's eggs.

....yeah, this ought to do just fine!!

Sheba and Oscar can only stand by and watch what the girls get up to in there part of the section.  This is Denny, quite shy like her name sake.  We ran out of grannies to name them after so we named our next two after our dearly departed dads.  But made them girlie like!!  So we got Denny and Brucette this time last year.  Iggy was found wandering in the school we back onto and the care taker gave her to us. She is a total escape artist and loves to get loose in the back yard.

Brucette walking the tightrope!!  Ok, the back of an old park bench that they have in there pen.

So today TOF and I picked a bucket of Apples we think they are Pacific Rose but not totally sure.  With them and the beetroot, and the peaches, we set to in the kitchen.  Plus I had Blueberries in the freezer that came from a friends farm that grow wild in the drains in between the paddocks.  They are big and beautiful, a bit like myself. 

We peeled and cut these and the peaches  up and the apple  stewed up really nice.  I put some in the blender so we now have some apple sauce. The rest have gone into more crumbles for the freezer.  3 apple, 3 peach and apple, and 2 more raspberry and apple.  We are having a Peach and Apple one tonight for desert after the roast that TOF has cooking away nicely. We got 3 more jars of peaches also today.

TOFs precious beetroot simmering away.  He sliced and I packed it into the jars, we got 3 out of this.  Still more growing in the garden.

Peaches and Blueberry Jam.

Beetroot and Apple sauce. 

The cupboard is looking pretty impressive now!!!

So Sunday is nearly done and dusted, but we had a pretty productive day.  Looking forward to kicking back and relaxing now before dinner is ready.  TOFs having a nana nap, well deserved I suppose, but I will give him a nudge soon so he can get his veges on!!!

♥ Hope you all had a lovely weekend ♥

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I love all of your animals. Thank you for sharing pics of them.