Saturday, 10 March 2012

memories and remembering things....

After going out and about yesterday, well especially going to the Hamilton Gardens,  I dragged out some old photo albums and discovered the following:

We were all a lot younger back then and my god how small were the boys.  That day they got drenched and rode home in the car wrapped in towels if I remember correctly.

Funny how yesterday this Japanese sculpture looked so small, or was Max the size of a pixie back in the day??

I used to make a picnic and we would wander about the gardens and then find a nice spot to have our feed.  They loved it.

Even though I had two boys I still had dress up stuff for them.  We still have the ladybird wings!!  Eventually they moved towards super hero status and away from garden bugs!!

Our first house was across the road from the Waikato River, and we often went for walks.  Here is a younger looking TOF feeding the locals!!!

Me and the boys in Parana Park in winter.  Nothing like rugging up and going out.  Better than what they do these days, slap on a DVD and keep the kids indoors.  How times have changed.

Standing in there raincoats while our old dog Ben fetched a stick.  

Do kids do raincoats and gumboots any more??

This would be at least 15 years ago.  We got Ben the Labra-doodle from Animal rescue and had him until 3 years ago when he died quietly at home of old age.

I was slim and had lovely long hair!!!  Oh to go back to being that person!!

Crikey!!  Me and TOF about 9 years ago at my gorgeous niece that just got married's 21st!!  I think I was all tits, teeth and hair that night!!!

Anyway enough of living in the past.  Yesterday before I set of on my tour of the Tron I decided I needed slippers due to the rapid reduction of warmth we are experiencing.  I'm not convinced I am ready for Winter seen as Summer was so pitiful.  But you just have to go with the flow when it comes to the weather.   So I headed to Te Awa a big shopping Mall not far from where I live.  I am genuinely surprised I remembered what I had gone out there for.  I get so side tracked when I go there.  But as luck would have it I wrote myself a NOTE!!  Note to self: "Get some Slippers".

Not only did I get these super comfy cow skin coloured slippers with tongue pink inners and memory soles.................

....but bugger me if there wasn't a sale on in the shop!!!

Floral lace up boots for $27 and wedge black sandals for $21!!!

Wore those sandals yesterday and it turns out that they are not the appropriate footwear for walking around all afternoon in.  I have the blisters to prove it!!

Well it is Saturday and I should do something constructive, so maybe more peaches will get preserved, yes TOFs been up that tree again!!!

♥ Have a great weekend all ♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You look like that blonde bint from ABBA in that photo of you and Ben! :D I love looking at old photos

Vix said...

You do like that blonde from Abba! Loving that frock you're wearing in the top picture. Have you still got it? Your boys were so cute, love the raincoat and wellies!
Those tapestry boots are gorgeous. xxx

Mel said...

What great pictures and memories. Love the boots!!