Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My BFF and fairy god motherness..

My BFF Leonie, I have known each other since we were in our prams. I am eleven months older not that that means sod all.  Even tho' she has lived all over the world, currently in Germany, we always keep in touch and we just pick up where we left off when ever she is home.  I think that is a good sign of a solid friendship.  We have been through loads together and apart and will know each other till the end.

When we were teeny tiny girls and pretty much  the same height we used to play dress ups.  We had matching dolls and dolls pushchairs.  We lived in the same street and hung out together all the time.  Our memories go way back and there are plenty.

Her family was mine and my family was hers.  And still is.  She had two older brothers and I had two older sisters.  All our holidays were spent mostly at Whangamata where our families had beach houses.  Life was carefree and full of fun.

Leonie's parents were my god parents and great ones too.  For me I always felt like I had this huge extended family and even as an adult I often visited Leonie's mum until she sadly passed away a couple of years ago.  Leonie like me has two kids, and back when her daughter was a tiddler me and TOF were asked to be god parents. Not have my own daughter I was stoked to get a loaner!!

Crikey me and TOF way back, and when I was taller than my god daughter!!!

Now you may well by now be wondering where the hell this is all going!!  Last weekend my god daughter and her dad were in town.  They are back living in Wellington and Leonie and their son are still in Berlin until June/July due to work and school commitments.  So me and TOF got to have some visitors.

This is my gorgeous god daughter (Sydel, 17) who calls me her "Fairy God Mother" FGM for short.  I am not a particularly religious person, well basically I aren't so being a fairy god mother sits well with me and always has.  I really should get me some wings.  After having her and her dad visit I am now seriously hanging out to see my dearest friend again.  We last caught up two Christmases ago when they were back in NZ for a holiday.

♥ So here's to life long friends, well all good friends really ♥


Vix said...

How lovely to have a friendship that's lasted a lifetime. I can see where Sydel gets her good looks from her Mum's a babe, too. xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Lovely post~ I know you can't wait to see her, not long now!!

Helga! said...

That's just so lovely,and what a hottie your Fairy God Daughter is!
Crikey,that's a fine head of hair you had when you were holding her as a bubba!
My oldest friend in the world is Wayne,we've known each other since we were 12.We're not in touch as often as we could be,but it's always like taking up when we left off.And he's as camp as a scout jambouree,so there's extra girly fun when we get together!

Anonymous said...

You are lucky to have a friendship like that.