Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Arty Farty .....

Today I went to visit my super duper,arty farty, clever clod friend Dawn.  She is a very talented woman with a life long passion for art and her medium of choice at the moment  is clay. Before this she was painting, huge canvas pieces that were wild and freckin awesome.   I love sitting in her studio while she is creating away, we chat and laugh an awful lot!!  We have been mates for about 31 years now another of those long time buddies.  I always make sure I pack my camera when I go to her place so I can snap away at her latest offerings.  Here is a sample of today's:

How gorgeous is this house.  This is roughly 40cm high by about 15cm square.  She sells these for $168 and they fly out the door.

She made the most adorable church complete with a little wrought iron cross on the roof.  That is for sale in a shop called Latte in Taupo.

This has to be my all time most favorite piece!!  A groovy little retro caravan. Roughly 30cm wide by 20cm high. These sell for $168 and again they sell uber fast.

I love the colours she uses on her work. Vibrant!!

Custom made to your requirements, her latest, pet tomb stones.  This is for her old dog Alice.  These will sell for $84.

Welcome Hills she has been doing for a while now and another great seller.  These sell for $91.

This is only a smidgeon of what she makes.  There are Busts, patchwork parrots, dead dollies, peas in pods.......well lots more.

I guess you can see why I enjoy hanging out at her place in the country then.  Apart from the piece and quiet that comes with living out of town, there is the vibrancy of colour that is all around her studio and her garden.  Reject pottery ends up mainly in her garden but I get sent home with the odd piece for my reject garden.  
today reject

She keeps telling me to wear old clothes and have a play with some clay.  But I always go straight from work and forget.  We did a pottery course together about 30 years ago.  That was hilarious as the female teacher who was a grey haired hippy took a liking to Dawn and used to get a little too close for comfort on most occasions. Little did we know at the time that this would become her passion and income.  Pottery that is not the other!!

♥ Hope you all had a pleasant day like me ♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Wonderful work, love that you got her up and running on Facebook :D

confession of a scrimpaholic said...

These are amazing!! My fave also has to be the caravan its gorgeous x

Vix said...

How gorgeous! I've never done any pottery and am in awe of those who can. The cute retro caravan's my favourite, too. It looks quite at home amongst the pine cones. x