Saturday, 17 March 2012

slice of heaven..

Today was one of those glorious days where the sun shone, there was a slight breeze and it was far too nice to be indoors.  So once my small list of chores was done I set up outside in the back yard.

On my table was my book, my mobile, my land line, my reading glasses and the ipad I have the loan of.  All that was missing was my cuppa which was waiting to be made while I was in the middle of the photo shoot.  TOF had gone to Jak's cricket so it was just me, the sunshine and my dogs.

This is the view looking up through my pimping, through the tree to the sky.  

Did I read?  Did the phone ring?  Did I text anyone?  What about the ipad?

I cannot tell a lie, well I can but eventually I could get caught out, so NO to all of the above.  Well apart from the ipad, I have a serious addiction to Fruit Ninja on it!!

But I did see an Elephant in the sky running over the roof of my house!

The problem is that when I get into a rhythm of gentle swinging on my garden seat all thoughts and plans go out the door so to speak and usually I end up closing my eyes and just enjoy the sun and the great outdoors that is my back yard.

 I am enjoying the flowers in my garden at the moment so you get to see them as well because I am like that!!  Think of it as me giving you flowers.

TOF hates these "Chinese Anenomies", I have them in 3 different colours and they shoot up everywhere. Like the sacred vege garden!!

My dear old dad made this for me years ago.  It is a tiny bird house, but the only bird that could nest inside would be a ladybird!!  So far only Spiders.

Even though he is no longer with me in person his spirit lives on and he is everywhere in my garden.  He built my deck that I sit on, he built the tree hut that is now the chook house, he built my aviary for my Canary, so Dad is always here.  That is such a nice feeling.

When he died I planted a Daphne bush because it was his and my favorite.  It thrives and I talk to it a lot and it smells fabulous.

Don't you just love the colour that the Hydrangea changes into before giving away to the colder temperatures that are on the way. 

Last but by no means the least I need to say that yesterday our Sheba turned two.  No presents required as she loves her ball.  Adidas no less as when TOF bought it for her he told me, nothing but the best for his girl. I just hope that now she is two that she will stop chewing holes in my blankets.

Lets hope this beautiful weather continues on for a while. Even though it was gorgeous outside I gave in and I made a start today of sorting out my sewing/girls only room.  Mainly because I won a two seater couch on trade me for $20 so I needed to make room.  All will be revealed in said room when it is worthy of being revealed.  The plan is to finish the sorting tomorrow.  I have a pile to go to Habitat and a pile to go on Trade Me.  When all is done I really  need to attack some of the sewing I have half done.

♥  Here's to some more sunshine ♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Awww I want to swing in that seat on a sunny day! tomorrow????? Yeah! Yeah!!? :D

Anonymous said...

It sounds like paradise to me. Happy Birthday, Sheba.