Friday, 16 March 2012

Thank god it's Friday....

..sure is!!  Yesterday when I was saying I was Nigel no friends well I wasn't for long.  Sue Ws son came round and we ended up gong to Habitat so it was sort of like a SuesDay in a way.  Not sure how keen he is to join his mother and I on a regular basis and do all the shops, but it would be rather nice to have a driver so we could both concentrate on the important things like scoring bargins!!  I got the lads a very cool formica coffee table with a magazine rack under it for their house, which apparently will be filled with dirty girl mags!!  Awesome!!  While he was in the Manzone I had a quick look around and of course I did not leave without a wee purchase for myself.

Two very cool batiks and some hot pink sunnies that were only $1-50.

I wore them home in the car much to the amusement and possibly the embarrassment of my young driver!!

Here are close ups of the batiks.

As luck would have it or in TOFs own words, with great skill and perseverance, we had fresh fish for dinner.  He had a great day out fishing and was able to bring home his limit of snapper.  Even Tex woke up for this grand occasion.

Well today was another beautiful day in paradise and I had the day off work.  Me and TOF just mooched round home most of the day.  He has spent some time watching our slack blacks trying to play cricket and I have been busy potting up some seedlings from my garden.  I even escaped to Save Mart (op shop) and found a cool pair of shoes and a top thingy.  Show and tell tomorrow if I remember.  *Note to self, take photos and share. 

Have a great weekend.

♥♥ Toodles ♥♥


2 Tramps said...

Fresh fish, batik, new glasses - nice day. Now don't forget to show us your new shoes and top tomorrow! We will be waiting here...

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Eeee bah 'eck! yer a daft bint! Don't you replace me with that boy of mine!! :D

Vix said...

Loving that batik, I'd have fought you for them! Your cat's a beauty, I love black moggies.
Loving the shades, hope the sun shines for you all weekend. It's vile here, again! x

Helga! said...

Yee! We were both feeling the pink sunnies calling yesterday!Hurrah!
O,my,that fish looks splendid!What did you do with it?!

Anonymous said...

Cool shades.