Friday, 2 March 2012

SuesDay with a guest....

..yes we took along our lovely friend Kerry.  She had her camera and has promised to email the photos that were taken of us all wearing bunny ears? and me and her with Blood Red Satin bridesmaid dresses?  Sue will probably show them on her blog.  We introduced our Kerry who we renamed "Kue" for the day to all the lovely ladies we know on our Op shop circuit.  She had such a good time she wants to come back!!  She got herself some dungarees to wear to a '90s party this weekend so she is pretty stoked!!

Seen as we had a guest I put some slop on and went for EYES!!!  And even found a pink lippy!!!  Oh look, I still have eyebrows!!  So glad I had them done.

Today I scored a colourful top for $6, this cool A frame set of drawers for $3!!!  and the wicked pink shoes for $6, brand new.

How gorgeous are these???  Pink suede with flower trim, and so comfy!!

Close up of my A frame drawers, not sure what will live in these but far to cute to leave behind in the shop at $3!!!

We had a rather late lunch, not sure what you call that.  Considering a late breakfast gets called brunch, I do wonder what a late lunch can be called.  Well what ever it is called, we had it!!  Went to a French Cafe run by lovely Asian people that serve tea in gorgeous glass tea pots and you drink out of pretty pastel coloured china cups.  My lunch of BLT was so huge that I will not be attending dinner this evening.  So TOF and Jak can have what ever they like, as they shall be making it!!  or buying it!!

Lovely afternoon out, now ready to settle in for the evening and await the weather bomb that has been forecast for the weekend.  I have a couple of good books that need reading and some DVDs and I am sure a nana nap will manage to sneak in amongst all the other essential activities for the weekend.

Have a nice weekend to you all.

x x ♥ x x


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

A great day as usual! I'll be getting my haul out of the car once misery guts..oops I mean Joe has gone to work! ;-D

Helga! said...

Gagging for it!!!
Yay,another successful Suesday! Lucky Kue for being able to share the joy!