Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Kitchen Bitch.........

..yep that's what I was this afternoon.  All started yesterday when TOF climbed up the ladder and picked a bucket of Golden Queen Peaches off one of his trees.  He then turned to me and said "you can bottle these tomorrow".  I don't even know how to bottle but he assured me it wasn't difficult.  So today when I left work I headed to Habitat to find some big jars for the peaches.  No jars but I did find me this apron!!

This is so me!!  Anyone that knows me well know that I don't have a very good relationship with my kitchen.  You would think TOF would have read the small print on our marriage certificate that clearly stated, Doesn't Cook.  I think it mentioned something about not giving a toss about housework and only needing to work part time.  Two other things he clearly forgets from time to time.

This is my other apron.

I am very lucky that he does in deed love the kitchen and cooking.  When he was considering what apprenticeship to do about 100 years ago he was toying with the idea of being a baker.  But he wasn't keen on the early starts so went with the Plumbing and Gas fitting.  So he can fix my pipes too!!

So he rather enjoys being in the kitchen faffing around creating, where as for me, I would rather be creating in other ways.  Havoc is one!!

Anyway I digress from what really went on in his kitchen today.  I had a brain wave after getting my new apron and headed to a local fruit and vege market where I got some apples and a bag of Red Capsicums.  At home I had the Peaches, blackberries, raspberries, passion fruit, and a few bags of Chelsea Jam sugar.  That stuff has taking the "Pain in the arse" factor out of  filling jars with goodies from the garden.

The Peaches went from this......

........to this!!!

The pot of Apple stewing next to the Peaches turned into these.

We have had such a huge crop of both Raspberries and Blackberries this year so I pick and freeze knowing full well they can be used. 

So today I added them to the stewed apple and put them in these tin foil containers that have lids, that you freeze and...............

...............I ended up with 4 crumbles that can be devoured at a later date like in winter with French Vanilla ice-cream!!!

Next I made Blackberry Jam and then Raspberry Jam.

The Jam sugar makes it so farking easy that even I can do it!!

By now I was obviously on a roll and seriously considering applying for "Wife of the Year" so I made some Passion fruit Curd.  We normal make Lemon Curd but we have also had a pretty good crop of Passion fruit.

I even moshed the passion fruit though a sieve so we don't get any of the pips.  I KNOW!!!  I am amazing!!!

Only got 2 jars of this and one has to go to my work mate that fixed up my computer.  This stuff is heavenly, smells and tastes unbelievable!!

It was getting dark outside by now and TOF had gone to bed due to shock I think, so I felt my last creation of the day would have to be my Red Pepper Jelly.

This turns into...................


Trust me this stuff is wicked!!!

So I have run out of jars and sugar now and still want to make Blueberry Jam as I have a huge bag of them in the freezer.   Pretty happy with how my efforts look all stacked up in the pantry.  TOFs Tomato relish is in there and you will see a sneaky jar of Gherkins I did last year.

Yep I lied, I can cook and I do quite enjoy it but lets not tell TOF just yet!!

♥♥ Toodle Pip Old Beans ♥♥


Misfits Vintage said...

Holy crap - you're Wonder Woman! I'll take a jar of those peaches - THANK YOU! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

You are a domestic goddess!! Jon does most of the cooking in our house because I used to do it for a living and it's a bit too much like hard work.
Loving the look of those pickles and craving lemon curd now, don't think I've had it since the 1970s.x

Helga! said...

O,fark,I've giggles my way through this post,and am amused and frigging IMPRESSED at your skills!
That first apron is way cool,btw!
You lying trollop,I thought it was all going to end in disaster,but it kept going,you kept churning out these amazing products and I want to sit on the floor in your pantry and empty those jars with a spoon...one by delicous one....!!!
I keep meaning to have a go at bottling....I might be inspired,truly inspired now....or am I just FREAKING OUT!?
Talented TRAMP!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Awesome job, you put me to shame I've done bugger all this year! If ya need some jars a got a load Agee jars, ya just need to buy lids :D

Anonymous said...

Your secret is safe with me. I love the aprons!