Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Fools and Daylight savings...

So we had to turn back our clocks last night, and I bet loads of people forgot and then when April Fools day is thrown in on top, half won't believe it or will put the clock forward!!  So we went back one hour which really means we should have got any extra hours worth life, so lets not waste it!!! 

I quite like Maxine's thoughts on both these subjects:


So whatever you do today in NZ remember we turned the clock back to Winter but in six months we can turn it forward an hour and hopefully get a summer!!


Helga! said...

I love Maxine,she's soooo on the money!!
I remembered to put the clocks back,but forgot it was April Fools!!Bugger!Luckily,G did too;he's a primo prankster....XXX

Vix said...

Ha ha, they're brilliant!
Our clocks went forward last weekend, I love it when the nights are lighter. x

Misfits Vintage said...

Daylishgt saving ended here too... I HATE IT! I want daylight saving all year round! Sarah xxx