Thursday, 12 April 2012

Escaping TOF........

.......who had toothache.  Like he had had the dam toothache for nearly a week, was eating panadol like lollies and as grumpy as %#@*, but he finally caved in and let me make him an appointment at the dentist for yesterday.  So yesterday he took the day off work due to not getting  much sleep, and it wasn't like I got alot myself!!  Being the loving wife that I am I escaped for the afternoon and went op shopping while he lay about moaning about the pain. I did offer to be back in time to take him to the dentist but he assured me he would be fine.  So off I went and only got to about half a dozen places, still I did manage to came home with this lot.

I loved this old tin tray ($1) because when I was a kid we had a budgie like the one on the right and he was called Twinkles.  The two books were an absolute bargin at $1 each and I have the urge to give crochet another crack.

Then in another shop I found all this wild and bright macrame cord which I think could crochet up rather well into a whizzy bag of some sort.  May need some guidance from Sue W on that one.  This wasn't the bargin I was after but I fell in love with all the colour.

Today after lunch I was faffing about and felt like I needed to get out for a while.  Made contact with the Webber Woman and organised an impromptu SuesDay out.  We arranged to meet out at Save Mart.  I told her that I would be the ageing blonde waiting in the red station wagon by the door.  As luck would have it we arrived with in minutes of each other so she didn't have to hunt me out.

I wore my favourite top with a pair of Pistachio coloured pants with ruffles on the hems.  Fecking comfy and I thought they were rather cool.  Well when I studied myself in my mirror I thought I looked ok so off I went.  But there have been times when my mirror has lied to me!!!

Got a black knitted skirt and a crocheted vest top thingy.  In the washing so no photo for show and tell sorry.

Hanging from the mirror in my car is two little string dolls.  One is a Dominatrix and the other is a Ballerina.  When we were up in Auckland last weekend we took the MIL (TOFS mum) out to lunch.  Shes well in her 70's and much to my amusement she said from the back seat, "oh how lovely a little bride and groom".

Well if I went to a wedding and the bride and groom came out dressed like that, I reckon it would have the makings of one hell of a good night!!!

♥  Toodles  ♥


Misfits Vintage said...

Yay! Have a crack at crochet - use a huge hook and that macrame yarn and you'll up some amazing treasure in no time! And then SHOW US! Sarah xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I LOVE the budgie tray. I would have snapped that up quick smart!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

It's getting hard to find real bargains lately, so when we do find them it's pretty cool! I'd come to that wedding with ya! :D

Anonymous said...

It would be fun indeed. I love your outfit.