Monday, 9 April 2012

No Pooh Bear here...

Much to my disappointment and the relief of all the others that live here (including the dogs) the cute as Pooh Bear suit is too small for the Oscar.

"Does this make my head look big?"

You have to admit, it is fricken cute even if it is too small!!!

I'm pretty sure Oscar was thinking "I hope we can get it in a bigger size".

No comment!!! But thinking to herself, thank god it won't fit me.

Last day of the long weekend, and yet another day of what we didn't get over summer!!! I promise to stop dressing up Oscar today and go and do something constructive.   

Hang on, maybe it will fit Tex!!!  
"Here puss puss puss".


Helga! said...

Bahahaha!!! Don't EVER stop trying to dress Oscar!! Too cute and too funny! Tex might bite your nose off if you try it on him,cats are far too dignified!
I've been hanging out with a sausage dog today...bloody BIZZARE!

Helga! said...
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Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Ah Easter weekend really is for miracles hahah!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!