Saturday, 21 April 2012

New job and other things...

..yes I have another job!!!  Actually I was offered this job the day I lost my old one but thought Nina was joking or being kind!!  Turns out she is dead serious and wants me to work with her in her ultra cool super groovy shop which I totally love, "Remains To Be Scene".  Stoked or what!!  I am so up for a total change when it comes to work.  I am not driven by money more driven by happiness and TOF is happy that I am happy so all is great.  This shop is a Vintage/Retro shop that over the years I have sold things in.  The best part is I can still squirrel about and sell things through the shop.  I checked out another job which was going to be 30hours a week in an office with fab money etc etc, but I figured I would not have my lovely lifestyle of chilling out in the afternoons if I did that.  I would miss visiting my friends, shopping with Sue W, and so much more.  I FEEL FRICKIN GREAT!!!

Anyway, what else have I been doing???  On Monday I decided I would finish my job on Friday.  By Wednesday I asked if I could just finish.  NOTHING to do!!  Feel very sorry for the lads still there because more than likely more will be laid off.

But back to what I got up to. 

On Tuesday I went on a shopping mission with Nina (my soon to be new boss) told my old boss I would be in late as I had an appointment, like what was he going to do, fire me??!!  I helped her find loads of cool stuff for the shop at this second hand place we went to and I left with this gorgeous big Buddha head for $20 that is sitting in my garden by my front door.

Wednesday I said goodbye to the lads at work and went op shopping with a mate in the afternoon, nothing to report there.

On Thursday I looked after my super cute 2 and a bit great nephew Arlo while his mum Jade did some shopping.  We hung outside in the sun with a pile of toys and ate treats on a blanket on the lawn under a sun umbrella.  Far too cute for his own good and loved licking the hundreds and thousands of the biscuits before eating them!!

Even his tiny feet are cute!!

So yesterday, being Friday, was booked as a SuesDay.  But in the morning I headed out to my pottery friend Dawn to take photos of some of her latest creations.  I was side tracked slightly by a paddock full of cows.

I thought they looked great but Dawn and Grant just laughed.  It's because I'm a townie!!  And also I tend to look at the world as a photo op!!  So had a cuppa with them and took photos then bought Grant back into town with me as he was going to the V8s.  Yeah the V8s are in town this weekend and you can here them from my place.  I'm no petrol head but there is something about the sound of a V8 engine. 

 By lunch time my SuesDay partner Sue W arrived.

We headed off to Hamilton East but stopped at our favourite shop Zinnia.   I got carried away and got a gorgeous Frida Kahlo bracelet to match my brooch I got from there ages ago.  And I found these 2 things.  Can't wait to play with these new kitchen toys.  I so will take photos and share when I do!!!

We had a good wander around the shops in Hamilton East, they have 3 op shops in the main street.  Plus a wicked Whitcoulls book shop that is on sale, like everything under $10, most of what we got was either $5 or $1.  Great when you love books!!!  I got some other Bs and Ps but didn't remember to take pics but they will get their turn no doubt on another day.

I also got Tex a gift.  He is pretty stoked about it too!!!

Well enjoy your weekend where ever you are and what ever you do.  The sun is shining up here and my garden swing chair is calling me!!!


Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - that is aweseom news, Sue! Congrats on the great job and yay for gingerdead men - fabulous - we need pics, of course!

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job!!

Helga! said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Look at that,you just totally fell on your feet! Sounds liek this job is right up your alley!!!
Ha,cows always amuse me,I love looking at them in the fields.....XXXXXXXXXXXXXX