Sunday, 29 April 2012

last week...

..kind of went by in a flash.  TOF was on holiday for a week so he was around home.  But he soon disappeared out to Raglan on Monday night for a couple of days fishing with a friend of ours. House back to myself.  Tuesday Sue W and I had a whole day out op shopping and catching up.  I did manage to find a few goodies to bring home.

The shoes are in a black velvet and didn't photograph as well as they look in real life, and are going to be great for winter.  The lace trims hopefully will get used up now that I will have more time to attend to my sewing room.  I really should take a photo of my cupboard full of fabric and share that little gem.

These El Naturalist shoes I actually scored the week before for $8 from the Salvo in Hamilton East.  Basically brand new and so fantastically comfy.  I love the dirty green colour that they are and the little leather frogs on them.

This is really a number 6 but I think upside down to make a 9 is perfect.  We live at number 9 so I will get TOF to attach this to the house one day soon for me.  I scored this for $1!!!

Glad to report that TOF came home with a chilly bin full of snapper.  We ate fish for three days in a row and cannot complain.  We bagged up and passed on beautiful fresh fish to friends and put a couple in our freezer.  TOF even smoked some.  TOF likes to say he is off hunting and gathering for the family, his way of compensating for having far too much fun, I suspect.  He very rarely comes home empty handed when he goes in search of food for the family!!! He was a caveman in a previous life.  He still beats his chest and goes UGH or WOMAN every now and again!!

Sheba found a new place to dig last week and dig she did!!!  She puts her ball in the hole and then tries to dig it out.  Oscar has had a crack at digging in the hole also, he basically falls into the deepness that is the hole Sheba has dug, has a quick manly scratch at the dirt and climbs out pretty stoked with himself.  I think he is pretty convinced that it is him that  has dug that hole!!

And last but by no means least, I grew my hair!!!!

Don't you love clip in hair extensions!!!  Jak my youngest told me they made me look younger.  Bless him!!!!  I think he wanted to go out somewhere.  But I do think they are fun and I did feel like a teenage girl trying to get the perfect face book profile pic!!

On Friday TOF and I went to the movies.  I called it a date, he called it, well I cannot share what he called it, but he came, he stayed awake and we had lunch afterwards.  We went to a kiwi film called "The most fun you can have dying".  Written by a Hamilton guy, filmed in the Tron, Cambridge and Raglan and of course overseas.  I really liked it, TOF wasn't that moved but said it was fine.  We had a nice lunch, and bought ourselves new slippers!!  WooHooo!!!  Like a couple of senior citizens we were.  So the weekend has come and gone with not a lot to report apart from THE CHIEFS (our rugby team) won and are sitting at the top of the points table.  Start my new job tomorrow and I aren't half excited.  Shall endeavor to take some photos to share so you can all see how truely awesome this place is.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I can't believe how quick the week went too! But then I never know what day it is anyway! ;-D

Misfits Vintage said...

Op shopping with friends, lovely food to eat, a date with your chap and some happy dogs... what else does a girl need! Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Bloody hell,time just FLIES for me all the time,it seems!
I'm supposed ot be going to that film soon with a galfriend!It looks interesting,at least!My friend knows the director,or something.
yes,show us your sewing cupboard!
The hair extensions are fun;I'm gaggin for a wig or two to play with!I reckon it'll be the hat you wear when you're not wearing a hat!!!

Vix said...

I do like those hair extensions, you can't beat them for a bit of fun makeover.
Sounds like a great week, good food, shopping and good company. xxx

Katrina said...

The doggy is so cute! And that numner idea is really great - of course it can be a nr 9)