Saturday, 7 April 2012

North to Alaska, no Auckland actually

Today TOF and I set off on our way to take his mum out for brunch.  She lives in one of those flash as retirement villages in Auckland is an area called Botony.  I don't particularly enjoy the drive north on the motorway as its usually just full on road rage and 6 - 8 lanes of it at some stages.  So I buckled in and got my camera out to distract me from the traveling.  TOFs a great driver that I totally trust, he just gets in a suitable lane and goes for it.

Actually it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.  The weather was perfect and we were out of my beloved Tron by 8am so we had the road pretty much to ourselves.  We had the ROCK cranked up on the radio and all was tickety-boo!!

For a big chunk of the drive we follow the might Waikato River.  This is the Power Station in Huntly, huge big place that employs loads of people, Sue Ws hubby works here.  "Hi Joe".

By now the radio wasn't picking up the Rock any more so I dived into the glove box and found an oldie but a goodie!!  Joe Walsh, The smoker you drink the player you get!!  What an album, and that took me way back to Whangamata in my teenage years in my mind.

Last sneaky look at the river before we go inland and onto 6-8 lanes of utter madness.  Indicators are obviously an optional extra in most cars.  But we found the correct off ramp and managed to worm our way through the traffic to the mother-in-laws digs.

This place is huge and like a great big hotel.  Three stories of the elderly or as good old Paul Henry would say, "Home for the bewildered".
So we parked the car and wandered our way through the maze that is this grand place.  I so couldn't live like this.  Finally got to her tiny little one bedroom unit and went through the formalities that come with being "That daughter-in-law".  I have never been and never will be good enough for her son in her eyes and I don't mind.  She is Irish and quite stubborn.  As long as TOF wants me that's all that matters. I am married to him, not her. So we packed her into the back of the car and headed off to find somewhere for brunch.  Now you will get the readers digest version because otherwise you will nod off like I nearly did in the car.  She was giving directions (wrong ones) to TOF and he was trying to get me to follow a map to a completely different area.  Long story short we circumnavigated a part of Auckland, wasted shit loads of petrol and ended up back at the shopping centre across from MILs home where we finally ate.  Funnily enough we ended up where I had originally suggested.

Eating over, short wander about shops that look identical to any in any other City in this country of ours, and we popped the MIL back at her place.  Tour of duty now complete we then headed off with a good set of instructions I had organized to visit some dear friends of ours.

I have known my darling friend Louise or Lou-Lou-Belle as I fondly call her since our high school days.  Her hubby Michael and TOF get on famously and so we spent a relaxing time on their deck chatting and drinking tea.  I had taken up some goodies from my pantry that I had made, Blueberry jam, Raspberry jam, and some Red Pepper Jelly.  They sent me home with some more of their divine Honey!!  They have bees in their back yard.  We talk about getting land and just do our thing as neighbors with our animals and plants.  We want a few acres by a nice golden sand beach that is rather affordable!!!

This is Louise with their gorgeous daughter Prairie.  This is a house full of love and creativity.  For me it was like walking into heaven.  Louise is a very talented woman you can check her blog here .  Well we left this lovely family with good instructions on how to find the motorway but we managed to stuff that up in the end but finally came across an on ramp, or EXIT AUCKLAND and don't look back sign.  Just joking!!!  Well HAMILTON up high in the sky was a good enough sign for me.

So we drove home in darkening clouds, zooming down the motorway with me trying so hard to keep my eyes open.  Not a very good traveling companion for TOF really as I kept floating off to la la land.  I told him to talk to me to keep me awake but he gave up.  So a good day out, all in all, but the very best part was catching up with good friends  :-)

♥ Enjoy the last two days of your R & R ♥

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