Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Haircuts and things....


...today I had a haircut booked with my gorgeous hairdresser Deb.   So for a laugh I thought I would wear my extensions so I could be all dramatic and make a scene about my hair being "way too long"!!  She is always up for a good laugh so off I went with my plan.

But before I left the house I thought I should show you today's outfit and yesterdays scores from a super fast op shop that I did.

Apart from my extensions I had a emerald green merino (op shopped) under a black tunic (Jean Jones sale)  over floral leggings (Glassons sale), Necklace from trade me.  Added to my head was a wicked wool mix hat that I scored yesterday for $5 and I was holding my two bags, $5 for the set.  My turquoise shoes I got off trade me.  Like wise the small pooch, he was a freebee off trade me 3 years ago.

So the hat came from Save Mart and it has a black flower on one side of it.  Quite the bargin for $5, which is unusual for Save Mart.  I found their prices have got a bit heavy of late.

These two cane bags are lined inside.  Big one in orange and the smaller one in red.  $5 for the pair from Salvation Army in Central City.  Far to good to leave behind!!

Anyway, back to today.  As I thought, Deb nearly wet herself laughing, more so when I started ripping the clip ons out of my head.  Told her to go for it today, do what you want, so she did and I am mighty pleased with the result.  I can guarantee it won't look like this tomorrow tho'.

♥  Good night  ♥


Vix said...

What a fab outfit and a brilliant new haircut. Those extensions are very real-looking.
Can't believe you got your pooch free and those cases are a great find. x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I must go see your hairdresser she does a blimmin' good job!
OOOhhhhhh I luv them bags I do! I do! :D

Helga! said...

Poor girl,she probably neever knbows what's coming!! Love the 'do,so pretty and soft!
Those cane bags are amazing!!!
Darling,thank you so much for my lovely parcel fo joy!! It was waiting for me when I came home Monday night!!EEEEEEK! SO excited!
You are a doll!

Misfits Vintage said...

Those bags are so lovely! And your hair cut is fab rock star chic! Sarah xxx

Ramya said...

Love those cases. So so chic!

Follwoing you now..