Saturday, 2 June 2012

getting ready....

..for my new job.  The other ladies at my new job have this volunteer uniform thing going on, and I thought I should at least try to fit in to start with rather than stand out as more than just the "New Person".  Boring corporate gear of black pants or skirt and a white shirt.  Me and white shirts just do not go together.  Trying to pack my boobs into a fitted shirt just doesn't happen and I look like all collar.  I tried on new ones and even did the rounds of op shops trying to find  something.  I FAILED!!!!  So I decided sod it all I will just get something reasonably plain that I am comfortable wearing and say this is "my uniform".

This will do and looks fine, swing style, black with tiny white spots, and will look all good with black pants so I have got 2 of them. I need to be comfortable and it really should be more about my work ethic than a white shirt.  But I shall try my best to blend in to the corporate world.  How Dull!!!!  Luckily I still have the rest of the week to add colour to my world.

Sue and I had planned to have a SuesDay, and by the time she had arrived, and on time I might add, I had already had 2 visitors so she had to wait for me to get ready.  Threw myself together in record speed and we went op shopping.  My collection of goodies was rather insignificant in comparison  to her haul.  But I was pleased none the less.  We have decided that Wednesdays will be our official SuesDay from now on.

Last night I was getting settled into a nice chilled out evening on the couch when I remembered I had a Tupperware Party to go to.  I couldn't not go as it was my eldest sisters one and she would have whipped my arse and bitch slapped me for years if I didn't turn up.  

They have some rather cool stuff but it is pricey.  Then again it has a life time guarantee so I guess it all works out in the end.  

So due to the new job and all I ordered these cool little lunch box things (that look like travel soap containers) that fit a sarnie in. (Sandwich).  I thought I would do my bit for the planet, make my own lunch and not wrap them in landfill gunk but use these joyfully colourful and not very corporate containers.  I can cut up fruit for one and put my sarnie in the other.

Also got me a travel mug.  I had an epic fail with my one I have as it fell over on the way to my other job the other day and spilled all over my passenger seat.  This seals so no spillage when I drift around corners or do handbrake slides into my car park!!!

When I finally got home I found my dear old Tex out for the count with his tongue hanging out in front of the heater.

I suspect I looked similar when my head hit the pillow and I crashed out.  So sexy and I probably had a pool of droull!!!

Hope you all end up having a lovely weekend.  I am off outside to make the most of the sunshine before it disappears as we have rain predicted for the rest of the weekend.

♥♥  Toodles  ♥♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Is that all ya got! Yer slackarse lmao! hahah! I was just making up for not coming to play for 2 weeks!

Vix said...

I've got a cat on my lap doing the same thing right now!
Love your non-corporate smock top and that elegant lady print.
Those Tupperware sandwich containers are just fab! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Fabularsehole... but please don't try to fit into the corporate world with their boring old outfits... who cares? So long as it is 'work appropriate' - which to me means, keep yer lady bits out of view, then break out of that boring corporate mindset! Since I started my new job almost two months ago I wear whatever I like and nobody has ever said a word! Sarah xxx