Friday, 11 May 2012


Remember how I got a hundy ($100) from my mother for my birthday??  Well I decided I would go have a spend today and set myself a challenge to do it all in my favourite shop Zinnia.  So I booked my PIC (partner in crime - Sue W) as my wing woman and as luck would have it she was heading into town to have a make over.  Not really just a hair cut, but a make over sounds far more exciting!!!  She arrived looking all groomed and gorgeous so after the bog standard cuppa and potty stop we headed off.  

That hundy note was burning away in my wallet so ferociously that you could even smell it!!!

I spotted dear Liz or Queenie as some of you may know her, and she was waving to us gals to hurry up and get on inside the shop.  I nearly bought Liz as her handbag had a solar screen which enabled her to constantly wave royally at us.  But she was $30 which I thought may have been just a wee bit on the frivolous side.  But then again as my PIC pointed out, how cool would Queenie look mounted on the dash board in my car.  Mmmmmmmmmm!!  Might go back.

This is what I bought!!!  From Zinnia I got the floral glasses case, groovy pen and a Tamsin Cooper embroidered brooch.

The gorgeous rabbit fur scarf came from a shop across the road called Home Sweet Home.  Don't you love the dirty green colour??  It is real rabbit fur but obviously it has been dyed because I don't know about you lot but in all my life I have never seen a green rabbit hopping about.  I have seen some things in my time but nothing quite like  that!!!

We actually behaved ourselves rather well today, and went home after the spend-a-hundy-a-thon was over.  Sue W purchased some goodies also and no doubt she will blog them for you.  We both bought these cool necklace hanger things that our lads can give us for mothers day in exchange for the money we paid for them.  Saves so much stress and disappointment!!!  

Shall show you that on sunday when I get to open the present and be so over come with the fantastic job the boys did in getting there dear old mum a gift!!

♥♥  Have yourselves a lovely old weekend now  ♥♥


Vix said...

What a treat! That rabbit fur is a lovely colour and I bet you'll gets loads of wear from it, such a glam addition to your wardrobe.
The glasses case, pen and brooch are so pretty, too.
Have a fab birthday weekend! xxx

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Just pink phunt phunts (elephants!) around here! :D Oh yes, I forgot to blog! Now where did I put everything?? I'll help you spend your money anytime mate! :D

Unknown said...

Love that fab dirty green furry number - and the lovely embroidered brooch - close up pics please!! Sarah xxx